by Ditto MusicIf you’re dreaming of becoming the next big independent recording artist, you’re going to need to make your music available to a global audience. While that may sound like a tall order, having your own channel on VEVO could be the answer.Although it isn’t possible to start uploading your own music videos to VEVO directly, there are some experienced music promotion companies out there that will do all the hard work on your behalf. In exchange for a relatively small fee, you could gain worldwide exposure on the world’s biggest music video network.But while getting your videos uploaded to VEVO is a great start, it is usually only the beginning of a long and arduous road to success. By having the right advice and guidance to draw upon, you can open doors on VEVO that could give your career a welcome kick-start.

1. Getting started

VEVO don’t accept direct applications from recording artists. However, music promotion companies will ensure your videos comply with quality and format requirements. They will then submit your work and a brief biography for consideration. VEVO individually reviews every submission, so there is often a two or three week delay before videos go live. Once the first video has been accepted and your channel has been set up, subsequent submissions are generally much quicker. VEVO channel names are usually based on artists’ names, but they need to be unique.

2. Playlisting

One of the quickest ways to expose your music to the world is by getting it included in VEVO playlists. However, there are thousands of videos battling it out for a spot, so you will need a music distribution expert pitching on your behalf. Most views of unsigned talent come from playlist referrals – which appear to the right of the video you’re watching. This means your work could be listed alongside some of the biggest names in music.

3. Making the front page

VEVO is now the largest music video platform in the world, and its users are counted in the millions. So, imagine how your career could take off if your videos are featured on VEVO’s illustrious front page. Of course, these prime spots are very much in demand, and VEVO management has the final say on which videos make the grade. However, there are several music distribution companies which have working relationships with the site. They can pitch your videos to the right people – increasing the chances of your work being given prominence. Your photo will be placed on the front page, and users can access your work simply by clicking it.

4. Embed VEVO videos

Whether you want to place your VEVO videos on your own site or share them with related websites, a simple piece of embeddable code makes that possible. This also makes sharing your work via discussion boards, forums, Facebook and Twitter a simple process, which could expand your legion of fans.

With well over 50 million users, VEVO represents a fantastic opportunity for independent artists. Through playlist referrals, video sharing and reaching the front page, you could spread the reach of your material around the world. And with the right music promotion company by your side, you can develop an effective marketing strategy that could get your music to the top of the charts.

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