I’ve always considered myself to be somone who thinks more like a journalist than a publicist. Like a journalist, I just want the facts and can see through the hype. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I need you to give it to me quickly and succinctly tell me “what’s in it for me?”

It is probably one of my greatest assets working in music pr. I can look at it from the media’s side and know how I would want to receive information if I were in their shoes.

These are my insider tips on how to pitch music blogs and other media outlets:

Avoid the hype.

Just don’t do it. Everybody can see through it when you say you are the most unique band out there and you don’t sound like anyone else. Instead of using subjective descriptions like awe-inspiring, give great objective descriptors like “shimmering instrumentals” and “jangly melodies”  that paint a picture for the journalist. What truly sets you apart is avoiding the hype while creating a captivating image of your sound.

Do Your Research.

This is music pr 101. Make sure you read the blog or media outlet before you reach out. You shouldn’t just be contacting Pitchfork or Stereogum because you know they have the ability to take your band to the next level. Ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?” to cover your band. Take it from their perspective on what could interest them about your band over anyone else.

Be Personal.

Want to set yourself apart? Don’t send a generic email you’ve sent to everyone else. I once sent an email with the subject “Kitty cat intervention” to an editor who I knew shared my obsession with taking an insane amount of cat photos. She responded swiftly and was thrilled to get a break from the monotony of “I just wanted to check in and see if you were interested in covering so and so.”

Make it Easy for Them.

Don’t make them search for the information to cover you. Include a link to your mp3 (not an attachment!), EPK/bio, 300 dpi publicity photo you prefer they use, Facebook and Twitter links, and a 1-2 sentence description of what you sound like.

Green Light GO: Take a look at a site you want to cover your band and see if you can find a way to connect based on the suggestions above.

Sharing is Caring: Know a band frustrated with the lack of responses they are getting from sending emails to music bloggers. Send them this article to get them on the right path.

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