The Shades single artwork

“The Shades‘ sunny, glistening pop is perfect for the waning sunlight of summer.” – Magnet Magazine

CHICAGO, IL (September 13, 2019) – “Great Escape,” the upcoming single from Chicago trio The Shades, soars with momentum and paints a picture of a great plan for adventure – a getaway from the constraints of reality. Its flourishing vocal melodies and staccato rhythms glued together by hand claps are an antidote for the blues, inviting the mind to escape to an emotional paradise. “Great Escape” is out for release September 13th, and is the first single off of their upcoming EP, DRAW, out October 25th. 

“Great Escape” oozes with the desire to break free. Its opening line, “Another trip on a train”, hits the ear and instantly places the listener in a state of wanderlust. The train speeds along, punctuated by electric guitars dancing with fluttering rhythms, and encourages the listener to grab a friend and sing along from the soul. Balanced by a breezy spirit of spontaneity, the vocal harmonies are full and lush enough to fight off life’s demons. “Great Escape” leaves worry at the door and lets the foot off the break, accelerating to a bright future.

DRAW, the upcoming EP from pop/rock trio The Shades, evokes multiple meanings woven seamlessly into the fabric of the record. Most apparent is the hand-drawn cover art – a collaboration with Chicago artist Shayne Taylor – which is both aesthetically enchanting and ripe with lyrical references which can be found on the album. DRAW also refers to a dead heat or stalemate, which calls out the duality of choices that underscore each song’s message. Throughout the record, the singers dare listeners to “Love Me or Let Me Be”, or “Stitch It Up & Pass It On”. No matter where the listener’s heart is guided in each song, DRAW is a clear indication that The Shades are carving out a path of their own.


DRAW Track Listing

  1. Great Escape
  2. Love Me or Let Me Be
  3. Stitch it Up (& Pass it On)
  4. Mount Olympus (feat. Pinqy Ring)


About The Shades

The Shades are a Chicago-based pop trio comprised of NBC ‘The Voice’ contestant, Andrew DeMuro, and brothers Phil and Mark Jacobson. Equipped primarily with their voices and acoustic guitars, The Shades draw on a wide host of influences to create an uncommonly good blend of pop, rock, folk, and soul. Impressive arrangements, tight harmonies, and creative mashups are hallmarks of The Shades’ live act, which has reached thousands of audience members from Chicago’s House of Blues to New York’s Rockwood Music Hall, with close to a dozen college campuses along the way.

After receiving nationwide honors when lead vocalist Andrew DeMuro landed a spot on ‘Team Adam’ during Season 11 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’, The Shades released their first major recorded effort in October 2017 – a six-song EP entitled Miles Made of Inches – to critical and popular acclaim. They have since amassed nearly half a million streams on Spotify, released a live-action music video for lead single ‘Only For a Moment’, and earned television spots on Chicago’s WGN News and Windy City Live. The Shades are also committed to making an impact off the stage and in Chicago’s underserved communities through their work with Guitars Over Guns, a music education nonprofit with a mentoring focus.


Tour Dates

10.19 University of Evansville, Evansville, IN


Praise for The Shades

“The Shades’ use of the three-part harmony allows them to bring a fresh sound to songs from older generations and appeal to a wide range of audiences.” —Sophia Siu, The Dartmouth

“You’ll be forgiven if the sound conjures up memories of Crosby, Stills and Nash when you hear The Shades’ impressive harmonies.” – Mark Franklin, Idol Chatter

“‘Only for a Moment’ encompasses those feelings of moments fleeting; summer ends, season’s change but it’s up to us to make the most of the moments that come with it.” –Kerriann Curtis, Word Krapht

“This folk-pop/country tune is packed full of the stuff that lends itself to rolling down the windows: a major key, great percussion, strong melodies, and lots of harmonies.” – Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

“Their smooth vocals, refreshing arrangements and creative mash­ups have peaked the interest of fans of Crosby, Stills, & Nash, James Taylor, John Mayer & Ed Sheeran alike.” – NewSong Music