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“Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age” flips that manly air on its head with a dozen versions of the band’s songs sung by women.” – Eric. R Danton, The Wall Street Journal

The Lost EP, from French musician and producer Olivier Libaux (Nouvelle Vague), is the second volume of songs released under Libaux’s project, Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age. The EP shifts through the hidden patterns of sound and mood from original Queens Of The Stone Age songs and flips the perspective, creating new vantage points and environments that come into their own. Featuring vocalist Charlotte Savay on the EP, the songs bend and shift like contorted rays of light hitting a broken mirror from all angles, casting a matrix of varying atmospheres. The Lost EP available on Libaux’s label, Music For Music Lovers, features Queens of the Stone Age’s hit single, “Sick Sick Sick.”

Listen to “Sick Sick Sick” on Spotify

“Sick Sick Sick”, the Queens of the Stone Age single recreated by French musician and producer Olivier Libaux and vocalist Charlotte Savay, creates an irresistible maze of sound inspired by the dreamy, yet eerie imagery of a David Lynch movie. Libaux crafts his songs from his Uncovered Queens of The Stone Age project to shift from a man’s interpretation to a woman’s interpretation as Charlotte Savay’s fluttering voice dances about with brimming female energy. While the original version is speed-intensive and full of passion and madness, Libaux became interested in shifting the mood, envisioning a mysterious nightclub where a woman (Charlotte Savary) wanders around in a hypnotic haze as her voice projects forward, guiding her towards the dreamy, dancefloor beat.

The Lost EP is Libaux’s most recent collection of songs with his project, Uncovered Queens of The Stone Age. This project was founded by Libaux as a tribute to the band, and Libaux aims to breathe new life and give new meaning to their songs. The second volume follows the project’s first Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age album in 2013 which featured Inara George (The Bird and the Bee). The Lost EP’s reinvented production creates varying atmospheres for Savay’s sultry performance to allure on each of the tracks. From the stripped-down, darkly mystical rendition of “Turnin’ On The Screw” to capturing the “disturbing strangeness” of “Someone’s In The Wolf” and transforming it into a shadowy folk motif, Libaux and Savay invite listeners to explore a clandestine chamber of sound.


The Lost EP Track Listing

  1. Run Pig Run
  2. Sick Sick Sick
  3. Someone’s In The Wolf
  4. Turnin On The Screw


Listen to The Lost EP on Spotify.


About Olivier Libaux:

Olivier Libaux is a French-born musician and producer who grew up heavily influenced by American and English art and culture. Libaux formed his first band, Les Objets in 1989, and signed to Columbia Records releasing two records, La Normalité (1991) and Qui Est Qui? (1994). Les Objets released two music videos directed by Michel Gondry who then went on to receive a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for his screenplay writing in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In 2004, Libaux formed Nouvelle Vague with Marc Collin to release their first EP. The two then produced the band’s first album which was released in 2004 on Peacefrog Records and Luaka Bop (David Byrne) in the US. Nouvelle Vague celebrates their 15th anniversary in 2019.

In 2013, Libaux released the first volume of Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age on his own label, Music For Music Lovers. This album featured Inara George, Emiliana Torrini, Alela Diane, Skye/Morcheeba, Katharine Whalen (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Susan Dillane (Death In Vegas), Clare Manchon (Clare And The Reasons), Rosemary Standley (Moriarty), Ambrosia Parsley (Shivaree), Youn Sun Nah, and Gaby Moreno. The project was dedicated entirely to Queens of The Stone Age music, as Libaux aimed to give them a fresh meaning and existence, further breathing new life from his various musical influences and background of experience into each song. Uncovered Queens Of The Stone Age released volume two in July 2019 and features the vocals of Charlotte Savay on each of the tracks while Nouvelle Vague celebrates their anniversary with two releases of rare tracks and a world tour.


Tour Dates (with Nouvelle Vague)

Oct 7 – Mainz, DE – K.U.Z

Oct 16 & 17 – Paris, FR – Cafe de la Danse

Oct 18 – Bourgoin Jailleu, FR – Les Abattoirs

Oct 19 – Sable-Sur-Sarthe – L’Entracte

Oct 24 – Breda, NL – Mezz

Oct 25 – Hedon, NL – Zwolle

Oct 26 – Den Haag, NL – Paard

Oct 27 – Haarlem, NL – Patronaat

Nov 15 – Turin, IT

Nov 17 – Parma, IT

Nov 28 & 29 – Istanbul, TK – Babylon

Dec 3 – Faro, PT – Teatro das Figuras

Dec 4 – Lisbon, PT – Aula Magna

Dec 5 – Coimbra, PT – TAGV

Dec 6 – Leiria, PT – TJL

Dec 7 – Braga, PT – Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Dec 8 – Porto, PT – Casa de Musica

Praise for Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age

“Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age” flips that manly air on its head with a dozen versions of the band’s songs sung by women.” – Eric. R Danton, The Wall Street Journal

“The erstwhile Nouvelle Vague mastermind’s solo effort finds the Frenchman covering QOTSA songs with the help of an impressive array of guest singers.” – David Marchese, SPIN Magazine