The new EP from Chicago trio, The Shades, evokes multiple meanings woven seamlessly into the fabric of the record. Complete with hand-drawn cover art, a collaboration with local artist Shayne Taylor, it is a sonically enchanting and ripe lyrical indication that the group is carving out a musical path all their own.

Billboard hosts the exclusive premiere with corresponding interview, saying:

When The Shades released its first EP, Miles Made of Inches, two years ago, the Chicago pop trio recorded “every single song we had at our disposal at the time,” according to the group. That’s not the case with the new Draw, a four-song set that’s out Oct. 25.

Completed over a four-day session at Gravity Studios in Chicago, it is a labor true family collaboration, with Andrew DeMuro’s brother Luke flying in from New York to engineer. Since brothers Phil and Mark Jacobson are already part of the trio, the entire process became a family affair on steroids with a complete seamless integration of sounds, ideas, and musical themes spanning several genre variations.

To read more about the upcoming EP and the full interview with DeMuro, check out the piece via Billboard – and don’t forget to follow The Shades on Spotify!