Heartour - Refill The Fountain Single Artwork

“Young’s powerful but silky vocals rise over an amalgam of heavy synths, creating a unique scape as if meant to simultaneously hypnotize and pump up a festival full of people.” — The Hype Magazine

LOS ANGELES (February 24, 2020) – Heartour announces the release of the upcoming synth-pop single, “Refill the Fountain,” The single due out Feb 24, was born out of a cross-genre experiment where Heartour’s Jason Young populated the studio with 80’s video game synth sounds. It’s off the album, R U IN, mixed by Tony Hoffer (Metric, Beck & M83) and due out on May 22.

Synths pinball into an arcade induced carnival ride, ricocheting off syncopated drum beats.  The retro Atari-esque keystrokes energetically punctuate each stanza, creating a seamless fusion of modern flashback sound. The song plunges a shiny new quarter into a buzzing arcade game and ignites a dreamlike landscape of glowing neon colors and liquid pools oozing from a Moog drenched fountain.  

It’s been nine years since Young released his fourth and most recent album as Heartour, but the intervening years have produced anything but downtime. Young’s other project, The Ruse, opened for Muse on three separate world tours. When the band took a hiatus shortly thereafter, Young decided it was time to go back into the studio and create something personal once again, and the dynamic electronic soundscape of the upcoming album R U IN was born.

About Heartour

For some artists, the spark for a record comes from a chord or a lyric. For Heartour’s Jason Young, it started with an image: Three album covers sketched in a notebook before a single bar had been written. From there the ideas in that notebook began to take shape, away from the rock stylings of his day job with The Ruse to the more eccentric kaleidoscopic synth that became Heartour.  


Praise for “Refill the Fountain”

“extra prolific” – Last Day Deaf