Take it Slow Single Artwork

“With tremolo guitars, Paradise’s honey-esque vocals and colorful horns all layered over lo-fi drums, you start to see what Paradise is talking about when she refers to smoky, psychedelic jazz lagoons.”- American Songwriter

LOS ANGELES (February 24, 2020) – On Suzy & the Lifeguard’s new single, “Take it Slow”, Paradise’s sultry vocals tease the dark corners with a flirty embrace, while horns elicit visions of a forbidden romance. “Take it Slow” will be released on February 24.  It’s off the EP, ANIMA, produced by Grammy award-winning recording and mix engineer, Phil Joly (Patti Smith, Lana Del Rey, Daft Punk).

“Take it Slow” tantalizes the senses, prickling and puncturing in waves of seduction, while allure and regret perform a slow tango. It’s the dichotomy between desiring love and succumbing to lust. Paradise enchantingly beckons, “ We both say we’ll take it slow / As I am taking you back home.” Passion falls prey to remorse as she sings, “Nobody wins when we play games. “

The ANIMA EP due out May 1, embarks on a shadowed journey of neon nightlife and moody ambiance. Recorded in Kauai at a friend’s chocolate farm/music studio, Paradise says, “It’s vibier than the last record. It’s a bit darker overall, but it’s also still silly and fun. I feel like it’s an honest reflection of not only what I have experienced in the last five years but also the fun and magical space we were in.” 

ANIMA Track Listing

  1. NOW
  2. Take it Slow
  3. Guides
  4. Sand
  5. Fall I Fell
  6. Loolluby

About Suzy & the Lifeguard

Suzy Paradise created Suzy & the Lifeguard as an alter-ego multi-media music project. Award-winning songwriter, producer, and recording artist Bleu McAuley (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Michelle Branch) co-wrote and produced the self-titled debut EP released in 2015. In 2016, she was nominated in the 14th Annual International Music Awards for “Best Jazz Song with Vocals.” Suzy & the Lifeguard will release ANIMA on May 1, 2020. Paradise funded the release by assisting creatives including Andrew Garfield, Sarah Silverman, and Andrea Arnold (Big Little Lies 2). She also worked behind the screen on “Battle of the Sexes”(Fox Searchlight), “JOY”(Fox 2000),  “Black Mirror”(Netflix), and “Masterminds” (Relativity).


Praise for “Take It Slow”

“delightful and relaxing indie pop song” – Beehive Candy

“‘Take It Slow,’ ANIMA‘s slow-burning and sultry first single manages to sound indebted to classic Quiet Storm-era soul and jazz standards, complete with a gorgeous and expressive horn solo. ” – The Joy of Violent Movement

“dark and seductive ready for the club track” – Diamond Deposits

“The horns used in the composition bring visions of forbidden romance, something that is both infatuating and dangerous.” – Imperfect Fifth