Spar Suite

OAKLAND, CA  – The new EP from Mia Pixley, in collaboration with husband and painter Kevin Shaw, encapsulates a cross-medium therapeutic intervention between a baroque soul cello and radiant acrylic paint on canvas. As a comprehensive call and response visual art and music collaboration, the Spar Suite: A Music and Visual Art Call and Response EP produces an unpredictable stability in the form of hushed reverent tones. The Spar Suite: A Music and Visual Art Call and Response EP is out for digital distribution on February 28.

Spar Suite is a visual art and music-based therapeutic intervention remedying the adjustment to new parenthood. It created an opportunity for Pixley and Shaw to connect with one another on a much more intimate level that only an unhindered sharing of art can facilitate. The call and response exercise reclaims moments of connection, as opposed to pouring energy in conflicting funnels. Shaw creates two paintings in response to Pixley’s musical compositions for a resulting four songs which could only exist in harmonious conception. She cites, “We began to feel more freedom and room to create time for ourselves and feel like more engaged parents to our now two and a half year old son. Our hope is that the project encourages others to reconnect with things that keep us grounded, connected, and joyful in this life.