Liv Greene - Every Bright Penny Album Art

“Take this album with you to a quiet will be cleansed and have a little more faith in the world.” – Americana UK

BOSTON (March 23, 2020)Liv Greene announces the release of her debut album, Every Bright Penny on May 8.  Through love, loss, moving on and holding on, Every Bright Penny serves as a reminder that growth comes piece by piece. A coming of age album with a wisdom beyond its years, Greene’s songwriting hovers around contemplation and hope.  

Every Bright Penny engages in a gentle tug of war where resistance rests. The often fictional topics behind Greene’s songwriting transformed into a vision of assisted foresight. The songs on the album explore the stages of a relationship from the hopeful anticipation to the series of regrets.

The first line of Greene’s song, “Wishing Well” inspired the album title:  “I could never tell you, but I’m in debt to the wishing well, cause I see your face on every bright penny.”  It represents the proverbial two sides of the same coin. There’s the glimmer of hope in holding onto the possibility of what could have been while in the midst of moving on. The album also represents the small actions that contribute to growth and the ability to move forward.

For Greene the record encompasses her past four years in Boston, studying, waitressing, and working on her craft. She says, “It is a lot of small parts that came together to make a whole – coming from me jotting down lines in my phone on the train, on napkins at work, in margins of notebooks at school. Growth happens slowly, piece by piece, and I think this record captures me on that journey.

Greene recorded her first full-length record, Every Bright Penny, at Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA. It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardinal, produced by Isa Burke of Americana trio Lula Wiles, and involves performances by musicians Maddie Witler on mandolin (Lonely Heartstring Band),  Grace Ward on upright bass, harmony vox, (Houndsteeth), Isa Burke on harmony vocals, fiddle, and electric guitar (Lula Wiles), and Sean Trischka on drums (Lula Wiles, Corporate Punk, Mattie & Debbie).

Every Bright Penny Track Listing

  1. New York’s Arms
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Off My Mind
  4. Independence
  5. Morning Song
  6. Wayside
  7. Gone
  8. Take Me To The Station
  9. Brandy Hill
  10. Where You Need Me
  11. The Best Way Out

About Liv Greene

Inspired by the records her parents played in her childhood home in Washington D.C., Liv Greene’s passion for songs started in early childhood, and took off the moment she taught herself her first guitar chords at age 12. Greene graduated Interlochen Arts Academy in northern Michigan in 2016 with honors while receiving a Fine Arts Award in songwriting, a 2016 YoungArts Finalist in voice/singer-songwriter, and the songwriting department’s Artist of the Year Award. Chosen from over 700 applicants, in 2019, Greene won the Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk Competition for Emerging Singer-Songwriters after competing among 32 finalists. That same year she was also selected to participate in the Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar and named the first alternate in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest for songwriters.

Tour Dates

May 8 Club Passim, Cambridge, MA (BOSTON ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) – Live Stream


Praise for Liv Greene

“There is the striking of a perfect balance between authenticity and doing your damndest to create something beautiful. When the pieces of that fall into place, its a beautiful thing. Something that can melt your heart and make your foot stomp. A light twang that dances back and forth with lilting highs. Liv Greene’s “New York’s Arms” dances that line in eloquent magnetism.” – Red Line Roots

“An easy mix of bluegrass, youthful energy, and melodic vibrato that is perfect for fans of Alison Krauss.” – Chillfiltr

“Take this album with you to a quiet will be cleansed and have a little more faith in the world.” – Americana UK

“…each song like an entry in a box of cherished photographs, their edges slightly worn and creased from revisits and reminiscence.” – Mother Church Pew