“‘Brain’ offers up some empathy wrapped in glowing neon.” – Cool Dad Music

LOS ANGELES (April 13, 2020) – Heartour announces the release of the upcoming single, “Brain”, providing both empathy and relief amongst the COVID-19 crisis. The song exposes the overwhelming unrest of anxiety with a holistic surge of endorphins cast in a buzzing neon glow. The single, due out April 13, is off the album, R U IN, and was mixed by Tony Hoffer (Metric, Beck, & M83). The album is due out May 22. 

The synth-driven daydream, “Brain,” showcases what so many are feeling right now: that as the world’s fears and anxieties are amplified through uncertainty and unrest, it can also get in the way of clear thought. Jason Young explains how those fears can overshadow the present, explaining “I have had many times in my life where the thoughts in my brain have paralyzed me from getting through normal day to day life.” 

Heartour’s upcoming album, R U IN, deploys a kaleidoscope of sound with themes spanning from overcoming mental hurdles to the downright destruction of life as we know it.  A technicolor amalgamation of indie pop, synthwave, and synth-pop, the genre-defying album is a survival guide for the seemingly apocalyptic times,

About Heartour

For some artists, the spark for a record comes from a chord or a lyric. For Heartour’s Jason Young, it started with an image: Three album covers sketched in a notebook before a single bar had been written. From there the ideas in that notebook began to take shape, away from the rock stylings of his day job with The Ruse to the more eccentric kaleidoscopic synth that became Heartour.  


Praise for Heartour

“a jolt of energy and joy in form of a grand, arpeggio-heavy synth-pop track, ideal to break out of any mental deadlock.” – Glamglare

“full of whimsical and feel-good melodies, touched with just a bit of wistfulness and wonder” (2019) – Too Much Love

“Young’s powerful but silky vocals rise over an amalgam of heavy synths, creating a unique scape as if meant to simultaneously hypnotize and pump up a festival full of people.” (2019) – The Hype Magazine

“extra prolific” – Christos Doukakis, Last Day Deaf

“The sense of wonder pervading the song makes it an upbeat, even exhilarating, listening experience.” (2019) – Michael Stover, Music Existence