Heartour - Let the Robots Drive Cover

“it soaks into your senses in a way you’re not likely to expect” – B-Sides & Badlands


LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2020) – Heartour announces the release of the synthwave single, “Let the Robots Drive” on May 11. The single guides us through a haunting dystopian landscape, asking the question, “What if?” The lines of reality and uncertainty blur as the synth-driven sounds smolder and burn. “Let the Robots Drive” is off the album, R U IN, mixed by Tony Hoffer (Metric, Beck & M83) and due out on May 22.

“Let the Robots Drive” illuminates a future that seems closer now than ever before. Just like a scene out of Bladerunner or The Matrix, its robotic overtones question if the human race is on a one-way trip to losing control to artificial intelligence ruling our lives.  Jason Young opens the song, “Soak it in through your eyes/ You’re never going to quite see it like this again/ Soak it in through your ears / You’re never going to quite hear it like this again.” “Let the Robots Drive” combines a flourishing melody with chrome-plated chord changes synthesizing into a steady beat. The result is a dusk-inspired soundtrack visioning a desert drive to escape, if only for one more night. 

Heartour’s upcoming album, R U IN, deploys a kaleidoscope of sound with themes spanning from overcoming mental hurdles to the downright destruction of life as we know it.  A technicolor amalgamation of indie pop, synthwave, and synth-pop, the genre-defying album is a survival guide for the seemingly apocalyptic times,

R U IN Track Listing

  1. Brain
  2. Refill the Fountain
  3. Let the Robots Drive
  4. Dreams to Come
  5. As Far As We Go
  6. Eye on the Ball
  7. Bubbling
  8. The Persuadable One
  9. Dear Future
  10. Baby Spiders

About Heartour

For some artists, the spark for a record comes from a chord or a lyric. For Heartour’s Jason Young, it started with an image: Three album covers sketched in a notebook before a single bar had been written. It’s been nine years since Young released his fourth and most recent album as Heartour, but the intervening years have produced anything but downtime. Young’s other project, The Ruse, opened for Muse on three separate tours. When the band took a hiatus shortly thereafter, Young decided it was time to go back into the studio and create something personal once again, and the dynamic electronic soundscape of the upcoming album R U IN was born.


Praise for Heartour

“The listener is completely consumed, and the track is compellingly danceable, not to mention eminently radio-ready and streamworthy.” Essentially Pop

“extra prolific” – Christos Doukakis, Last Day Deaf

“The sense of wonder pervading the song makes it an upbeat, even exhilarating, listening experience.” (2019) – Michael Stover, Music Existence