Haven't Got a Name Single Art

“There’s something of the Paul McCartney about Haven’t Got A Name, this beautifully melodic slice of indie-folk with a tune with an innocence and simplicity that soaks through into your psyche.” – Backseat Mafia


LOS ANGELES (June 1, 2020) – The Brothers Landau announce the release of the indie-folk single “Haven’t Got A Name” on June 23. In an age of headlines confronting us with new terrors worse than the last, the single creates a calming place to rest from the day’s news. Gentle strumming circles the brothers’ baritone to bass vocals, sending solace that is sorely needed in our tumultuous time. “Haven’t Got A Name” is the title track off the upcoming EP due out on August 28.  

Brothers David and Daniel wrote the song during a time of deep soul-searching. They explain, “It seeks to help everyone examine their emotions if they are feeling overwhelmed and to take a step back to determine if they are focusing on the right things. What’s the reason why we’re here if not to solve problems, figure out life, and further the accomplishments of humanity” 

The song lets out a tranquil sigh as introspection smoothly weaves in and out of indie-folk and jazz interludes. Daniel and David’s inquisitive, yet light-hearted, call-and-response vocals waterfall into seamless harmonies only siblings could sing. 

The brothers employ the same introspection on the entire EP, coaxing negative emotions into inspiring inquiry of self-reflection about the questions life brings. But that stillness was not always a strong foundation: prior to the brothers writing these songs, Daniel was going through a personal crisis that even led him to question giving up music. Wrestling with a life-altering shift bred increasing dread that culminated in existential panic one harrowing night. Haven’t Got A Name bears the fruits of that turmoil, exploring topics including existentialism, moral dilemmas, and what it means to be a person in a modern and uncertain world. 

Haven’t Got A Name Track Listing

  1. Haven’t Got A Name
  2. Steady Joy
  3. A Way Down
  4. A Major Jerk
  5. Monday

About The Brothers Landau:

The Brothers Landau are an indie-folk duo from just outside of Los Angeles, California. Brothers David and Daniel draw from a classically trained background to create introspective sounds that encompass chamber folk, jazz, and neo-folk into an ever-evolving sound. They released the album Parallax in 2010 and have received international airplay as well as multiple placements on PBS Roadtrip Nation. The upcoming EP, Haven’t Got A Name, is an introspective look into what it means to exist and how to coax negative emotions into a more inspiring self-reflection. 

Praise For The Brothers Landau

“The Brothers Landau is a revelation and a joy.” – Blue Railroad

“…brothers David and Daniel create their own unique brand of ultra-cool modern folk that just begs to be listened to…” – Gorilla Acoustic