“Marrying vivid imagery and subtle nuance with a tempered orchestral flare, The Brothers Landau’s ‘Haven’t Got a Name’ EP is a grounded, serene, and soulful breath of folk light.” – Atwood Magazine

The new EP from The Brothers Landau evokes a smooth minimalistic approach to songwriting, creating a message that carries listeners to a place of introspection and inspiration where the weight of the world vanishes. Haven’t Got A Name sparks self-reflection within a tapestry of graceful artistry, gentle melodies, and meticulously crafted soundscapes that help to bring solace amidst tumultuous times. The EP, which combines indie folk, jazz, and chamber folk, is out August 28.

On the five-track EP, brothers David and Daniel coax negative emotions into an inspiring inquiry of self-reflection about the questions life brings. Coming from a musical family, the Brothers were taught to love what they choose to do and to always put the entirety of their hearts into it. 

One harrowing night, Daniel was going through a personal crisis that even led him to question giving up music completely. Wrestling with a life-altering shift bred increasing dread that culminated in existential panic. Haven’t Got A Name bears the fruits of that turmoil, exploring topics including existentialism, moral dilemmas, and what it means to be a person in a modern and uncertain world. 

Beyond the seamless harmonies and ever-changing melodic progressions, what really makes the music special is a brotherly bond they carefully breathe into every single note. Inspiring one another’s creativity and sharing an innate unspoken musical language, they’re able to improvise entire songs while retaining their individual expression. That ability to predict the other gives way to a collection of melodies with a common thread throughout. “A Way Down” is about the people who help you find a way to be grounded when life gets to be too much, “Steady Joy” is an examination of the best kind of love you can give, “A Major Jerk” is a commentary on selfishness found in today’s society, and “Monday” speaks to those looking for meaning and connection, striving to be heard in an increasingly tuned-out world. Haven’t Got A Name grapples with how we can maintain our humanity when it seems ever harder to do so. 

Haven’t Got a Name Track Listing

  1. Haven’t Got A Name
  2. Steady Joy
  3. A Way Down
  4. A Major Jerk
  5. Monday

About The Brothers Landau:

The Brothers Landau are an indie-folk duo from just outside of Los Angeles, California. Brothers David and Daniel draw from a classically trained background to create introspective sounds that encompass chamber folk, jazz, and neo-folk into an ever-evolving sound. They released the album Parallax in 2010 and have received international airplay as well as multiple placements on PBS Roadtrip Nation. The upcoming EP, Haven’t Got A Name, is an introspective look into what it means to exist and how to coax negative emotions into a more inspiring self-reflection. 


Praise For The Brothers Landau

“The Brothers Landau is a revelation and a joy.” – Blue Railroad

“…brothers David and Daniel create their own unique brand of ultra-cool modern folk that just begs to be listened to…” – Gorillacoustic