LOS ANGELES (July 9, 2020) -The new single from the Brothers Landau, “A Way Down”, memorializes their late grandmother’s passionate spirit of charity, love, and her knack for grounding others. Always growing flowers from dirt (as she said), she was able to see the good in people and make the best out of life, even during hard times. The single combines a warming melody with handspun vocal harmonies that give testament to her strength and resolve, and the centering effect it had upon the duo throughout her life. “A Way Down” is out July 13 and is off the upcoming EP, Haven’t Got A Name, out August 28. 

Brothers David and Daniel wrote “A Way Down” while going through a difficult period of personal growth. After reflection on what made them feel grounded and purposeful, images and memories of their grandmother were a recurring theme. They explain, “Our grandmother had a way of focusing only on the positive and finding the best in tough circumstances. That has always inspired us to emulate her resilience.” She passed away last June at almost 98 years of age, but not before they were able to perform the song for her in person. 

The song’s specific tones were a meticulous effort well worth it in the end. They elicit warmth through finger-plucked and brightly polished acoustic guitar and a cello melody that moves like a summer breeze. “A Way Down” blends symbolism from multiple traditions, alluding to the four Aristotelian elements, stoicism, and American folkways, all ending with a heartfelt note of love and thanks.

The brothers employ the same introspection on the entire EP, coaxing negative emotions into an inspiring inquiry of self-reflection about the questions life brings. But that stillness was not always a strong foundation: prior to the brothers writing these songs, Daniel was going through a personal crisis that even led him to question giving up music. Wrestling with a life-altering shift bred increasing dread that culminated in existential panic one harrowing night. Haven’t Got A Name bears the fruits of that turmoil, exploring topics including existentialism, moral dilemmas, and what it means to be a person in a modern and uncertain world. 

Haven’t Got A Name Track Listing

  1. Haven’t Got A Name
  2. Steady Joy
  3. A Way Down
  4. A Major Jerk
  5. Monday

About The Brothers Landau

The Brothers Landau are an indie-folk duo from just outside of Los Angeles, California. Brothers David and Daniel draw from their myriad influences and classical background to create introspective songs that explore chamber folk, jazz, and neo-folk with an ever-evolving sound. They released the album Parallax in 2010 and have received international airplay as well as multiple placements on Roadtrip Nation (PBS). The upcoming EP, Haven’t Got A Name, is a reflective look into what it means to exist and what to do with the short time we have.


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Praise for The Brothers Landau

“The Brothers Landau is a revelation and a joy.” – Blue Railroad

“…brothers David and Daniel create their own unique brand of ultra-cool modern folk that just begs to be listened to…” – Gorillacoustic