“a brilliant folk-pop exploration of human relationships, potent emotions, and the push and pull of a life at war.” — Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine


PHILADELPHIA (July 27, 2020) – Due out August 10, the new single from Maps & His Mothball Fleet permeates an eerie sense of impermanence lifting from the gulf coast in the middle of the night. The southern gothic guitar pop melodies of “Visit Mississippi” encapsulate the feelings of living alone during a long-distance relationship through a haunted swampy hymnal. It is the second single off the upcoming album, GULF, due out on August 21 on Azteca Records.

Matt Wanamaker was struck by the muse of inspiration while wandering around the streets of Gulfport, Mississippi, toiling with the unresolved issues of a fleeting love. Drawing from the regional heritage and architectural aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he found himself playing with a much darker type of melodic pop style. The single captures a sweltering sticky bayou heat by utilizing meandering guitar leads that reach past the height of July. Along with a thin layer of acoustic melody and the backbeat of a church organ, Wanamaker adds some psychedelic flourishes to amplify the unsettled yet aromatic mood.

No stranger to solitude and the accompanying feelings that come with the territory while on various tours of duty, Wanamaker wrote the song as an almost completely autobiographical account of his experiences. He explains, “I was living on the Gulf Coast but had left a relationship up North with unresolved issues and a lot of ambiguity. We had been having problems, but somehow we just didn’t talk about them leading up to my move.” Throughout each verse, chord change, and musical flourish he offers a glimpse into that relationship as the tension sways like a distant summer storm. 

GULF Track Listing

  1. The Pocono Islands
  2. Bathroom Sink
  3. Roman Candle
  4. Moves
  5. Coastal living
  6. Horses Are Hard to Draw
  7. An Emotional Affair
  8. Visit Mississippi
  9. Emma Jayne
  10. I Wanna Know Girls
  11. All The Lifeguards Known
  12. Somesylvania

About Maps & His Mothball Fleet

Maps & His Mothball Fleet is the musical moniker of Philadelphia musician Matt Wanamaker. After being deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 and again to the Gulf of Mexico in 2018, he wrote and recorded the rough demos of 50 songs to send back and forth home to musician friends. He released Fighting Season in 2016 on Azteca Records and recorded with the help of Scott Herzog (Dead Milkmen, Disco Biscuits) and Josh Ascalon (Mass Gothic, Chairlift). The upcoming album GULF is due out on Azteca Records later this year. Wanamaker has performed at the Kennedy Center, and the legendary CBGB’s as well as bars all the way from Glasgow, Scotland, to Austin, Texas.

Praise for Maps & His Mothball Fleet

“‘Trust The Teahouse’- a rich and melodic pop composition with confident vocals and lush score.” —Diamond Deposits

“‘Trust The Teahouse’ is a must listen for fans of a Dear Catastrophe Waitress-era Belle & Sebastian.” —Magnet

 “Fighting Season is a brilliant folk-pop exploration of human relationships, potent emotions, and the push and pull of a life at war.” —Atwood Magazine