Nostalgia Single Artwork


LOS ANGELES (August 17, 2020) “Westberg,” the Gen X duo of Ariel Westberg and Scott Bruzenak (aka Noisecastle III) announce the upcoming single, “Nostalgia” due out August 24. The single represents a dusty tale of isolation in the middle of Los Angeles, the backdrop for the midlife crisis that unfolds within the rest of their EP. The EP, Boomer Studies is due for release on September 18.

The duo approaches “Nostalgia” with the stain of cynicism. The lyric, “Nostalgia just ain’t what it use to be” threads a thematic discontent while the appearance of Townes Van Zandt’s well-to-do doppleganger is symbolic of the decay of nostalgia itself.  They say, “We wrote this in his shadow, with nods to the bitter tone and dopamine-starved prose.” 

I wonder what the hell Townes was running from

Devil took his will to live but gave him songs

Is it inflation, pushing all the deals into the red?

Cuz I sold my soul just to keep a roof over my head

The tired old cassette is fading but I’m singing strong

And now I’m deep in Riverside

Searching for a glass to see my memories through

Huddled in a quiet bar

He looks like Townes, the boomer wearing Givenchy

Nostalgia just ain’t what it used to be

 The songs on the album come off as unhurried. But don’t be fooled. Only half of the songs they started with finally made the cut. Westberg and Bruzenak, both former classical music majors, are steeped in jazz, rock, electro-folk, and trip-hop experimentation. They decided to bring in producer Tom Biller (Fiona Apple, Jon Brion, Karen O), whose approach is markedly different in the studio from theirs. While Biller leads his productions from the heart, Westberg agonizes over meaning and delivery, a state they describe as “terrifying but exhilarating”

Boomer StudiesTrack Listing

  1. Anxiety
  2. Living Proof
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Old Kid
  5. Romantic
  6. Simple
  7. This Town Don’t Fuck Around

About Westberg

Having met as classical music majors “in the weirdest school in the U.S.,”  Evergreen State College, the two Angelenos had explored Avant-Garde, jazz, rock, electro-folk, chamber pop and trip-hop. But Boomer Studies was a chance to strip it down and reflect. Their 2006 self-titled album received accolades from Nic Harcourt and continues to receive support on KCRW.