“The track is crafted around scruffy synths and insistent percussion, guided through its cyberpunk landscape by the sheer force of Andrès’ brilliant voice. ” – Beats Per Minute


NASHVILLE  (September 14, 2020) – Pauline Andres announces the release of the synth-pop single, “Til the End of the World” on October 12. Is love luxury or necessity when the world seems to be coming to an end is the question that inspired “Til the End of the World”. Celebrating vulnerability in times of crisis with strength and passion, the song is wrapped up in warm retrowave synths, melodic sirens, heavy basses, and carried by Andres’ signature vocals.

Evolving from her Americana roots, Andres surprised everyone including herself with this 80’s infused experimental pop song written and produced during the lockdown. “I’ve been quietly entertaining the thought of making electronic music for a while. I write songs every day and some of them call for a different approach. I’m still making Americana and Rock too. I don’t care much about genres anyway. But when the pedal steel guitars stopped playing in Nashville because of the lockdown, I naturally turned to my keyboard.

Like many, Andres’ life got severely disrupted when the COVID-19 lockdowns started in America, a couple of weeks after her Nashville neighborhood was destroyed by a historically violent tornado. Friends offered her their professional studio as a temporary shelter, where she wouldn’t see a single soul for weeks. That very first night alone in the studio, she sat with an acoustic guitar and let Til the End of the World pour out. Two weeks later, the final mix was done. She produced and recorded it in total isolation while working on several projects for herself and others. She also shot the video in the gloomy corridor of the studio. As a result the song and video truly captured the essence of the Covid-19 darkness while proving that creativity always finds a way.

Andres says, “I never thought the world was ending. I know a world is ending, which is the very definition of an apocalypse. That process started years ago. It’s gonna take a few more but we are obviously in the middle of it. I don’t know how exactly this will continue to manifest. But I’ve decided to be cool with it, to keep making art, and believing in the absolute, almost absurd power of love and music”.

Til The End of the World is the first single off her upcoming electro-pop EP “Tornado Season”, expected this Winter. The single release includes the “Acoustic Apocalypse” take as a bonus, which is part of Andres’ collection of raw renditions of originals and covers captured during the quarantine.

About Pauline Andres

Pauline Andres was born in France as a coal miner’s daughter in a family of Hungarian, Slovenian and Spanish descent. Andres has moved from London to Berlin, Paris to New York, and now Nashville, where she currently resides as a working songwriter and musician. Her latest release (2019) Hoping For the Best (At The Springwater Supper Club) features Dillon Napier (Margo Price band) and Andy Ellison (Jon Pardi, Brooks Dixon). On “Til the End of the World” Andres transitions to the comfort of her keyboard and 80s synth-pop as a way to process the effects of Covid-19 and the world around us.


Praise For Pauline Andres

“The track is crafted around scruffy synths and insistent percussion, guided through its cyberpunk landscape by the sheer force of Andrès’ brilliant voice.” – Beats Per Minute

“A smokey feel which is just what we need” BBC6 – Lauren Laverne

“electronic music that seems effortless” – Imperfect Fifth