OAKLAND, CA  (September 24, 2020) – Lauren Hulbert announces the release of “Honeydew” on October 12. The light-hearted, sweet melodic journey expresses the joy and magic of opening up to pure love. Twinkling synths draw the imagination into full bloom while jingle bells shower the listener into euphoria. The single is off her upcoming EP, Superbloom, due out October 30.

Hulbert wrote the song while living with her ex-boyfriend in Ecuador. They had rented an apartment in Quito with an incredible view down a mountain valley. After traveling together for months, she says, “I think I was happy to be in one place, making a temporary home, in our own space, with a nice, friendly neighbor and a little bodega at the end of our alleyway. It was a really cute spot. We got to make a little life for ourselves. We had a lot of hope for our future together and I remember that feeling really good.” The song reflects that feeling of hope and starting each day fresh: “Honeydew first light of dawn. Start anew. A day is born. Honey, do you love me? Like the dew wash over me and I will bloom for you.” 

Superbloom was inspired not only by the sound of the EP itself but also by Hulbert blooming back to life; following a dangerous foot injury while on a surf trip in Indonesia, she was practically immobile for six months and it was unclear if she’d ever be able to walk again. While the music for this EP didn’t come from the injury, it was a very dark time for her – life, as she knew it, had ended, and her artistic momentum was devastatingly quelled. Fortunately, over a year later, she has healed and credits the experience as terrifying but ultimately beneficial – one that allowed her to reassess her life, align with what’s important and has made her all the more grateful for health and opportunity – and to be performing and sharing her music again. 

Superbloom Track Listing

  1. Honeydew
  2. Gone in One
  3. Demons
  4. Calling Out to You
  5. Burn

About Lauren Hulbert

The Oakland, California singer-songwriter has lived worldwide- from East Coast to West Coast, and Thailand to Ecuador. Her dreamy vocals have been leaving audiences breathless for years, enchanting listeners with her warm, winsome, highly personal combination of folk, alternative country-rock, and atmospheric semi-acoustic pop. The singer has a diversified palate: while she is currently a folk-pop artist, she began competing in Bach and classical festivals as a kid. She can switch back and forth between her classically trained piano skills or self-taught guitar expertise easily. Her favorite lyrical subject is the human condition; she finds inspiration in every feeling, emotion, and situation to create lyrically dense and bona fide tracks. It’s important for Lauren to vocalize and visualize her experiences and hardships into muses to build connections and heal others.


Praise for Lauren Hulbert

“With this breezy part picked / part strummed guitar acting as chief accompaniment, Lauren’s vocal is the thing that catches you, her voice as beautiful and clear as the melody is runs over. as it unfurls, so splashes of synth and this simple drum pattern join, but nothing gets in the way of the beautiful and hopeful sentiment of the track.” Backseat Mafia

Superbloom EP’s latest single is the Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea-era PJ Harvey-like “Gone in One.” is centered around jangling guitars, propulsive and shuffling drumming, subtle Flamenco handicapping and Hulbert’s expressive vocals within an alternating quiet, loud, quiet song structure.” – Joy of Violent Movement

“a striking song with thought provoking lyrics, determined vocals and a distinctive musical arrangement” – Beehive Candy