“sitting somewhere between a scuffed up Real Estate and a bottled down Ty Segall” – Backseat Mafia

LOS ANGELES (October 6, 2020) – The Yorks announce the release of the dream-pop EP, Purple Sunsets, due out November 13. Consisting of meditations on love and disillusionment, the new three-song EP, Purple Sunsets, marks the transition from the band’s previous accompaniments to Jorge Rodrigo Azanza’s fresh solo style – a sweet, lyrically innocent sound.  Built around the musings of the multi-instrumentalist, the EP encapsulates Azana’s dreamy vision of Los Angeles love and Ecuadorian roots. A sophisticated, slightly flamboyant style flavors The Yorks tender, lighthearted tunes. 

The EP revolves around a sense of purpose in love and life. “Only to Find” entrances the listener into a magical and mysterious dreamscape. Harmonies pair and intertwine on “Many Things” to explore love as purpose while contemplating the impossibility of life without the beloved in question. In contrast, “Purple Sunsets” travels through a nostalgic journey reminiscent of 90’s Manchester to arrive at a location of personal purpose in the present moment.

Purple Sunsets Track Listing

  1. Only to Find
  2. Purple Sunsets
  3. Many Things

About The Yorks

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Jorge Rodrigo Azanza spent his youth on the floor of his bedroom, teaching himself guitar and pouring over bootleg CDs with music by The Beatles, The Kinks, and Prince. In 2017, The Yorks saw positive reception after the release of their first self-titled EP, featuring Liaison and Parking Lots. Produced by Gardens & Villa’s Chris Lynch and Adam Rassmussen, the record sparked interest at college radio and online publications. 


Praise For The Yorks

They worked with Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen (Gardens and Villa) on their new self-titled EP-due out Aug. 18-and found a way to harness the familiarity of their indie rock reverberations while creating a drastic individuality that shakes the genre to its foundation. They’re not simply retreading common ground-they’re rebuilding their influences by looking at the variant commonalities that exist within their chosen sounds.” Joshua Pickard, Nooga.com

“‘Parking Lots’ is carefree, rolling out of the right side of lo-fi rock’s bed. Reminiscent of ’60s surf tracks but holding the same nostalgic presence Beach Fossils and Real Estate reside over, the track is just a preview of the joy in The Yorks’ soon-to-be-released self-titled debut.“ Treble Zine

“Early favorites off of their EP are “Sweep” and “Fading,” both showcasing the driving groove in the arpeggiated frenetics of the bass line, a soft haze that encapsulates their feel-good daze, and subdued pensive breakdowns that sparkles at the right moments.”  Josh S. Pineda, Indie Beat

“Their latest single, “Parking Lots” is twangy and gooey, filled with 5k paced drums and loopy guitar riffs. It’s a slightly addictive type of rock, and lucky for us, the two just released their self titled EP, produced by Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen of Gardens and Villa.”  Alt Citizen