SAN FRANCISCO (November 2, 2020)The Shins’ Jon Sortland joins EV Kain’s Brian Belier to form the band, Hot Summer. Fresh off The Shins release of “The Great Divide”, co-written by Sortland, Hot Summer are set to release their debut single and video, “Fire And Ice” on November 16 on Dowd Records.

The track “Fire And Ice” is indirectly related to the collision of fire and ice.  The era in which Hot Summer emerges is one of great disparities between ideals socially and politically.  We are also a byproduct of shut-in pandemic isolation and a desperation to generate sparks to light the gloom from solitude and gold coast fire haze. Through futuristic electronic interludes and Belier’s soothing vocals, “Fire And Ice” provides the sonically infused anecdote to the collective malaise.

The song was created during the Covid-19 quarantine where the two musicians were separated by 470 miles.  Sortland came up with a short musical loop that all the vocals were sung to, while the remainder of the music was developed to suit the vocals.  The main vocals on the track are the actual voice memos Belier sang into his iPhone and texted to Sortland. Later when the two were able to get together in person they shot the impromptu iPhone video that features Belier’s neighbor, John Tait, a former NFL veteran that also happens to be Sortland’s doppelgänger

About Hot Summer:

Hot Summer is a journey of musical freedom between longtime friends and creative collaborators. Jon Sortland is the co-songwriter and performer on The Shins’ recently released track, “The Great Divide”. Sortland was also the creative director of the video for “The Great Divide”. Brian Belier is a creative tour de force and brings unexpected melodies and a unique vocal approach to Hot Summer. Belier is also the frontman of the much loved psych-rock band EV Kain and has been a figure in the San Francisco music scene for years.

Praise for “Fire And Ice”

“This song is a testament to what you can do in isolation, miles and miles away from your best friends.” – Imperfect Fifth 

“mesmerizing” – Powerpopaholic