SAN DIEGO (January 11, 2020) – You can have everything you want and still feel down. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and those difficult times are necessary to get to the other side. That’s the message of Subsurfer’s upcoming rock single, “Hollow” due out January 27.

Lead singer, David Montalbano says, “I had a lot of friends who have personally not made it through these dark times. It’s had a profound effect on me and the writing of the song. I want people and friends to know we are all in this boat together, and though it may look like I have everything that anyone would want, the Covid reset has affected me in profound ways as well.”        

Subsurfer went back to the studio with, Brian Karscig, the engineer who produced their second album. The band wanted to capture the darkness and uncertainty of the moment, which is something they went through at the time they recorded that album. At the same time, the hope of light at the end of the tunnel is captured with back up singers and light keyboards.  Montalbano’s melodic-pop-driven vocals dance within the grunged-out guitars, serving as a reminder that light can be found within even the darkest of times.

About Subsurfer:

Subsurfer’s name is not an accident. David Montalbano. of the coastal San Diego based band quite literally writes lyrics as he surfs. Subsurfer came out of being in the surfing world. Montalbano says, “I used to compete professionally and all my songs came from there but most thought they came from a different, more personal place.” 

The band who originally formed in 2010 has released three full-length albums: We Are Stars (2011) produced by Brian Karscig (Louix XIV), Devil’s Lounge (2013), LA LA LA (2015) produced by Steve Albini. The Bittersweet EP followed in 2019. They’re currently working on their fourth album, Subversive, due out in mid-2021. Weeds Season 8 featured, “Girl on Girl”, off their first album, We Are Stars

Subsurfer is David Montalbano (rhythm guitar/lead vocals) Don DeOliveira (lead guitar/backing vocals), DJ Jansen (drums), and Barry Sinclair (bass).