Dark but not menacing, it’s an emotive glimpse into this duo’s creative soul- and all its wonderful potential.”EARMILK


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (January 19, 2020) –  Swedish duo, Vola Tila, announce the release of the incandescent dream-pop single, “I Need My Girl”, on February 24. The single travels amongst modern-day ruins with a phosphorescent shimmer lighting the way through the shadows. It’s off the album, Soon, due out March 19.

Imagine if The Beatles entered into a post-apocalyptic world where even their sunniest song had a sheen of grunge induced darkness. Here you would find rhythmic strumming, melodic nostalgia, and futuristic warning flares bubbling into brooding atmospheric waves. A slow rhythmic beat would persist in an abyss of haunting vocals that soar into the chorus with measured restraint. This is where you’d find Vola Tila’s “I Need My Girl” firmly planted in the present moment.

“We tested several different sounds but in the end, it was still the super cheap and cash guitar that made ‘I Need My Girl’. We had fun when we made this song and there was some magic in the brokenness and simplicity that we did not could replace, “says Vola Tila.

The single presents a glimpse of the trademark Scandinavian melodies and a depth of inner exploration that pervades their upcoming album, Soon. There’s a brightness always glimmering amongst the darkest night of the soul.  The album caresses the scars of the past and moments of reflective despair into a healing elixir.

About Vola Tila

After years spent hitmaking for major artists, including US electronica outfit Passion Pit, Swedish songwriting and production duo Vola Tila released their acclaimed debut EP ‘Personality Apocalypse’ in 2019 in collaboration with Sonic Boom (MGMT, Beach House, Panda Bear) and Charlie Storm (Håkan Hellström). Both hailing from the Swedish west coast, Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson met in 2013 and have spent almost every day together in the studio since. After spending years writing and producing for other artists, they were left with a feeling of emptiness and a desire to dedicate themselves to the music they really craved. In April 2019, they debuted as Vola Tila with the single “New Behaviour.”

Praise For Vola Tila

 “An encapsulation of the duo’s musical energy and a direct account of their respective inner turmoil.”FAULT Magazine 

“There’s something of the anthemic majesty of the Floyd here, produced out of synths, guitars and both live and programmed drums.”God is in the Tv

“It’s 60s psychedelic pop-inspired melody hooks you into whatever journey they are taking you on. The fuzzy guitar riff in the background helps to guide the haunting adlibs to create a retro feel like no other. The lead singers raw and heavy vocals are a perfect fit for the tone of this track”. – Reignland Magazine 

”Vola Tila’s first new single of 2020 is such a lush slice of dreamy alternative pop music. Listening to “Space Out” is making us feel like floating somewhere in the universe. Just let your thoughts drift off and space out to the hazy guitars and emotive vocals. We can’t wait to hear more from this exciting new duo!”Turtlenek

 “Deliciously exuding the legendary vibes of The Smiths, Radiohead, and vibes of UK/Scandinavian emotions, Vola Tila, delivers with purity of sound and pop greatness.” – Come here floyd