“Dark but not menacing, it’s an emotive glimpse into this duo’s creative soul- and all its wonderful potential.”EARMILK

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (February 8, 2021) –  Swedish duo Vola Tila announce the release of their album, Soon, on March 19.  While the world communes in dreams of a better future, Soon distills canopied constellations longing for present moments and everything they have to offer.

Vola Tila says, “We know that the present is the only thing we have. Despite this, the future has had a great impact on us, and we have many times been stuck in a desire for something else, looking for something that does not exist. We processed a lot of this when we wrote the album. But we both realized somewhere along the way that we could not find what we were looking for until we stopped looking.”

Throughout the album haunting vocals and hazy atmospherics tease out memories in a rising swell of emotion. On “Forget that I Love You,” crystalline clarity invades the sentimental storyline through trademark Scandinavian melodies and a depth of inner exploration that only the long dark Swedish winters could provide. “I Need My Girl”  travels amongst modern-day ruins with a phosphorescent shimmer lighting the way through the shadows.

Soon Track Listing

  1. Mimmi (Intro)
  2. Space Out
  3. Forget That I Love You
  4. Cool Off This Heart
  5. Sadman Madman
  6. All Alone
  7. Something About You
  8. I Need My Girl
  9. Cross The Line
  10. A Long Way Down
  11. It’s Now Your Fault
  12. Soon (Outro) 

About Vola Tila

After years spent hitmaking for major artists, including US electronica outfit Passion Pit, Swedish songwriting and production duo Vola Tila released their acclaimed debut EP ‘Personality Apocalypse’ in 2019 with Sonic Boom (MGMT, Beach House, Panda Bear) and Charlie Storm (Håkan Hellström). Hailing from the Swedish west coast, Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson met in 2013 and have spent almost every day together in the studio since. After spending years writing and producing for other artists, they were left with a feeling of emptiness and a desire to dedicate themselves to the music they craved. In April 2019, they debuted as Vola Tila with the single “New Behaviour.”

Praise For Vola Tila

“beautifully melodic, blissfully dreamy with a silky smooth vibe” – Glamglare

“New single ‘Forget That I Love You’ further cements Vola Tila’s status as delivering stunning and dreamy alternative pop music. The new single has an unexpected twist though, gradually evolving into a more up-beat sound. Showing Richard Andersson’s beautiful falsetto vocals which are kind of reminding us of Tame Impala. Judging from the two great singles we have heard so far, we’re in for a treat when the full debut album arrives next year. We truly think Vola Tila deserves to be big and heard by many!”Turtlenek

“The vulnerable song comes with an unforgettable chorus.”Nordic Simit

“Another fabulously eviscerating single.” “With a chorus that sinks deep into your skin of recognition, and explodes in magical delight.”Come Here Floyd