“Stunning compositions…really great songwriting…really great stuff!” – Valida Carroll, KCRW


BEND, OREGON (February 17, 2021) – Kolby Knickerbocker announces the release of the single “Prayer” on March 10. This is the second single to be released off the upcoming EP, Over and Over, due out April 2. It follows the February release of the title track mixed by Sean Moffitt (Mat Kearney, Josh Groban, Ingrid Michaelson).

The song expresses tranquility in the present moment with a gentle flow of emotional texture. Each note twinkles in that pause of stillness –  an intimate reminder to cherish every moment of beauty and joy found in everyday life. Knickerbocker says, “Having kids has really brought time and what’s important to me into focus. Becoming a father has made me realize that my time with my family is so precious and that I don’t want to take any of it for granted. It truly goes by in a flash.”

Knickerbocker awoke early one morning with the melody in his head and a clarity about keeping time with family as a sacred time. He immediately went to his piano and started playing the melody. Unlike other songs he’s written, the lyrics weren’t heavily edited, but mostly a free-flow from the subconscious. It is purely artistic expression, free of thoughts of popular song structure, preconceived tempo sets and chord or melodic progressions.

On and On EP Track Listing

  1. Prayer
  2. Over and Over
  3. Everything I Am
  4. Grace

About Kolby Knickerbocker

Knickerbocker started his professional musical career early on, releasing his first album with Kitty’s Musicbox (2004) as a sophomore in college. He has since released an additional full-length album Red Dust (2015) and two EPs, Rodello’s Machine (2012) and Animus (2016). Nate Donnis who’s received industry attention from the BBC’s series “Skins” and the PBS series “Roadtrip Nation,” appeared on Rodello’s Machine. Knickerbocker has received critical acclaim from industry tastemakers including Indie Shuffle and KCRW. His music has been featured in television shows like MTV’s Degrassi High, 90210, Heart Signal, and Barely Breathing.


Praise For “Prayer”

“I’ve stopped everything I’m doing to listen to it again.” – Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground

“This song is a total prayer, one of those that brings you together to someone who is not there but who, with the music, you can feel him at your mercy very close to you.” – IndieCriollo