“melding gorgeously catchy vocal hooks with glowing melodies and feel-good harmonies.” – Little Dose of Indie


NEW YORK/TORONTO (March 29, 2021) – Giulia.’s upcoming single, “Lucky Ones,” frolics into spring like a breath of fresh air. Focusing and reflecting on hope and love, it sheds the pain of the past year through a technicolor lens. The single is off her genre-bending EP, Night Before, due out June 25th. 

A forward-moving jogging beat and dream-laced vocals take the listener to the crossroads between a pandemic and post-pandemic world, asking, “Aren’t we the lucky ones?” At its core, the song is about finding the good in the bad, the beauty where it feels none can be found. She wrote the song when she and many others moved back home, reverted to old ways, lost jobs, inspiration, hope, etc. Giulia. says,  “Not to deny the harm [the pandemic] has caused, but I have never felt closer to my family, and I’ve never felt closer to myself –  because of all the time I’ve had to spend alone, getting to know myself better. And truthfully, that in itself is enough to make me feel like the luckiest person alive.”

“Lucky Ones” was written at the end of 2020, when Giulia. was back home for the holidays. Attempting to figure out what Christmas song to perform that year, Giulia. and her dad were sitting by the piano, riffing ideas off each other. In their own worlds, yet entirely in sync with one another, he began playing his guitar, and she started singing a melody. Unlike their typical process where Giulia. writes a song, and later shows it to him to produce, “Lucky Ones” was the first song they wrote together, in the same space. It quickly became their favorite. 

Giulia. and her dad recorded half the songs on her upcoming EP at their home studio while recording the other half with a full band at Canterbury Sound in Toronto. She says, “There’s an unspoken energy and excitement when we make music together that I wouldn’t trade for the world.” 

Night Before EP Track Listing

  1. Lucky Ones
  2. Baby Dyke
  3. Dreamy Girl
  4. Lonestar
  5. Moon, Please (demo)
  6. Tired
  7. Night Before

About Giulia.

Born and raised in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Giulia. was surrounded by a world of art from a young age. The moniker Giulia. (with a g and a period) comes from the Italian spelling of Julia she’d always wanted. Giulia. incorporates elements of a multi-versed artistic background in film and dance into her sound. A national champion garnering Canada multiple gold medals, she dedicated 18 years of her life to dance, training competitively and professionally in many dance styles, including modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. Giulia. pivoted when it came time to attend college, deciding to pursue a BFA in Dramatic Arts at The New School in New York City.  She released her first single, “Back to Shore,” in February 2019 after submitting it to CBC’s spotlight competition and making it into the top 100. In 2020 she released three other singles, “Hurtin’,” “Waiting,” and “Dreams,” the latter of which she wrote for a film.


Praise For Giulia.

“With her new song ‘Lucky Ones,’ the NYC-via-Toronto singer/songwriter gives you a lighter-than-air soundtrack that perfectly embodies the carefree moments of the season.” – Glamglare

“Giulia. made a tune that should be replaying in our brains constantly.” – The Music Enthusiast

“her gentle vocal delivery and jazzy instrumental interludes guide her towards greatness” – The Music Mermaid

“Giulia.’s vocals float effortlessly through the layers, singing lyrics of strength and courage” – Sounds Good Blog

“We’re more than impressed with this touching single, not to mention Giulia.’s vulnerability that allows her message to stand unhindered.” – Buzz Music LA

“Giulia. captivates listeners with sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, and memorable hooks.” – LeFuture Wave