Los Angeles (May 3, 2021) – Vintage Fiction announces the release of their psych-rock single, “Alright, Okay” on May 19. The single is off the EP, Caution in Vogue,  due out June 11 on UFO Therapy Records. “Alright, Okay” sways back and forth from a dewy, wistful sunset into a darker, dusk-fueled daydream where the whispers of the past come out to haunt and play.   

Each musical element of “Alright, Okay” builds upon itself, echoing the duality of its meaning. Its shimmering sonic instrumentation layers with lyrical imagery of yesterday in the rearview mirror of tomorrow. Each verse places the listener in the front seat on a drive through LA with the palm trees and big city lights forming the perfect backdrop to a Tarantino film. A walking bass line forms the prominent backbone as dazzling guitar chords swing from major to minor intonation, like the sun sharing a brief pause with the moon before turning a blind eye to midnight’s embrace. 

“’Alright, Okay’ is a beautifully laid-back, dreamy number and simply perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.” – Glamglare

The music was the catalyst to a much deeper lyrical meaning. Guitarist and vocalist Josh Campos explain how the concept of time inspired the band. “Our past is always there to haunt and mold us, but we try to overcome it. As a society of individuals, we tend to hold onto our past, outdated traditions, emotions, and behaviors to leave them unaddressed can be harmful in both the community and our personal lives.” “Alright, Okay” captures this essence with a dancey poppiness melting into a scorched grittiness without missing a well-timed and harmonious beat. 

“Alright, Okay” is the first single off the upcoming EP Caution in Vogue. This four-song collection explores the collateral damage of Nihilism and indifference, the nightlife vice you find when moving to a new city, self-sabotage within relationships, and how the past destructively intertwines into today. A jolt of energy finds its way into a groovy haze made to be played with the lights turned down and a beer in hand. 

Caution in Vogue Track Listing

  1. Motel Blue
  2. City Eyes
  3. Caution in Vogue
  4. Alright, Okay

About Vintage Fiction:

Vintage Fiction (previously DIAZ) is a four-piece Psych Rock band from Los Angeles, California. Started initially as Josh Campos’ solo project with little more than a laptop and USB mic, it expanded to include Seam Bloom (guitar, keys), Fernando Campos (bass), and Ennio Liverani (drums). The Group is releasing their upcoming EP Caution in Vogue on UFO Therapy Records on June 11.