“Mia Pixley circles around stories in her songs, implying much, and declaring little, creating a constant sense of enveloping curiosity. As if beneath cello plucks and wails, there’s the truth of the matter.” — Afropunk


ALAMEDA, CA (May 18, 2021) – Mia Pixley announces the release of the single, “In the Daylight” on June 8. The single distills the collective day-to-day pulse through a rhythmic meditative groove. It’s off the album, Margaret in the Wild, due out July 23.

“In the Daylight” delves into the feel of our day’s rhythms — an experience that can simultaneously be a groove, a gift, and a burden. The song’s persistent and evocative percussive groove draws from the Brazilian musical tradition of pagode style samba, channeling Pixley’s South American roots. Her blues-inspired cello subtly interludes into a saw-toothed grind, reflecting life’s burdens. And her voice takes on the euphoria of life’s everyday gifts.