“The easy, rootsy nature of both Heath’s approach to recording and his lifestyle as a whole is reflected in a collection of songs that are never less than warm and wholly inviting.” – Leicester Bangs


KNOX, PA (May 24, 2021) – Garrett Heath announces the June 8 release of “Kingdom Come,” the self-titled track off his upcoming album. In light of the difficulties shared throughout the pandemic, “Kingdom Come” steps forward into a world full of potential without forgetting the challenges that brought us here. The album, due out July 30, was mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton, John Prine, Jason Isbell). 

A pastoral quality wooded in Heath’s rural Pennsylvania roots permeates the song, under bedding a tapestry woven within a lyrical tale of the human condition. The song takes the listener on a journey beaconed by harmonica and marked by acoustic guitar. It’s a search for love that gives meaning and purpose to both the joys and the sorrows. Heath says, “Deep down, we’re all looking for something more to fill the void we often feel within. We all seem to be looking for something more permanent and true than our current experience of this life, and a way to make sense of the great paradoxes of this beautifully tragic world we miraculously find ourselves in.”

“Kingdom Come” forms a linchpin to the rest of the album, where Heath explores the formations made throughout life and love, hope, and suffering. “You’ll Find Me” captures mindfulness and the goodness and beauty that surrounds the present moment when our eyes are open to it. There’s growing into the person you’re meant to be on “Rise Up From Your Sleep.”  “Leaving” touches on outgrowing a problematic situation with a longing for something truer and deeper. Kingdom Come’s humanity reflects the humanity within all of us.

Kingdom Come Track Listing

  1. You’ll Find Me
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Rise Up From Your Sleep
  4. The Feast
  5. When God Had a Son
  6. Leaving
  7. Wait For Mercy
  8. River of Life
  9. Epilogue: A Light

About Garrett Heath

A proponent of Dostoevsky’s maxim that “beauty will save the world,” soulful imagery and an honest voice appear at the cornerstone of Garrett Heath’s songwriting. His debut album, Whisper in the Dark, sparked a tour of the eastern US in 2013. His music was also featured in the 2014 feature film, “Potential Inertia” (OneFishFilms). Heath lives and works outside his hometown in rural western Pennsylvania, where he recorded the album Kingdom Come in his new recording studio (Okiejoke Sound).

Tour Dates

Friday, May 21 – Steamworks Creative, Gibsonia, PA
Friday, June 25 – Black Dog Wine Co., Oakdale, PA
Thursday, July 15 – Deer Creek Winery, Shippenville, PA
Thursday, July 29 – Tellus 360 , Lancaster, PA
Friday, July 30 – The King George Speakeasy, York, PA
Friday, August 13 – Cranberry Twp Farm Market, Cranberry Township, PA
Friday, August 27 – Dublin Pub, Dayton, OH