“a beautifully laid-back, dreamy number and simply perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. ” – Glamglare

Los Angeles (June 1, 2021) – Vintage Fiction announces the release of their psych-rock EP, Caution in Vogue June 11 on UFO Therapy Records. The EP slithers across a scorched landscape of neon-drenched nightlife. Set to an LA backdrop, it intoxicates with poppiness and buzzing grit. 

The four-song EP explores the collateral damage of Nihilism and indifference, the temptation of vices you find when moving to a new city, self-sabotage within relationships, and the past destructively intertwined into today. Recorded in the middle of a pandemic world, it serves as a roadmap and cautionary tale carefully curated under California’s sun-kissed palms. 

Caution in Vogue opens at the bottom of an empty whiskey bottle and a six pack lying on the floor. “Motel Blue” paints the scene with an invitation to ‘slow dance with the past, ‘cause the future reaches back.’The song builds on layers of tremolo, bending lead guitar, and a wandering bass line throwing caution to the wind and melting into the dice roll of tomorrow. “Alright, Okay” echoes that sentiment by indulging in the ghosts of the past through sinister melodies and groove-inducing sounds.

Vintage Fiction achieves the raw intimacy that comes from recording at home, where the entire group found synchronicity. Throughout the four-song EP, the line between carefully rehearsed and improvised intuition becomes excitingly blurred. There’s a sense that you’re reaching for another drink with the band playing right in the room. Each crisp and clean hit of the drum rattles perfectly with a swaying guitar and slinking bass line. That thread ties the EP together in the aftermath of pure collaboration. 

Caution in Vogue Track Listing

  1. Motel Blue
  2. City Eyes
  3. Caution in Vogue
  4. Alright, Okay

About Vintage Fiction:

Vintage Fiction (previously DIAZ) is a four-piece Psych Rock band from Los Angeles, California. Started initially as Josh Campos’ solo project with little more than a laptop and USB mic, it expanded to include Seam Bloom (guitar, keys), Fernando Campos (bass), and Ennio Liverani (drums). The Group is releasing their upcoming EP Caution in Vogue on UFO Therapy Records on June 11.