ALBUQUERQUE (September 15, 2021) – David Climaco Garcia announces the release of the Americana album, Between the Devil and Me, on October 15. Written in quarantine over the Summer of 2020, Between the Devil and Me confronts the demons that crawl out of closets when one sits alone for months in a room. 

Take a journey through blood pacts on dark highways, pickled alcohol sunrises, compelling defenses of adultery, and fanfares for dictators. Coronavirus deathbeds and curses from river witches also surface amongst the eleven addictive and deadly folk-pop tracks in tidy little hook-laden packages. Garcia maps love, loss, and life wandering the American road, weaving in the environmental and social justice issues omnipresent in our culture. His story and songs are an invitation to join in the wanderlust.

Garcia spent many years hitchhiking around the American West, which lends to a dusty, down-and-out vibe in his songs. He says, “My career path has been so completely off any logical map, and my work carries the baggage of my years of wandering and living on the edge.” He’s slept in bushes in Seattle’s Gasworks Park and dodged cowboys trying to seduce him after picking him up hitching through Texas. He’s burned up the boulevards of San Francisco’s outer districts on a classic BMW cafe racer and wandered the Tenderloin on one of the many hard drugs on offer to the young and tragically hip. He says, “Much of my life has been a Kerouacian fever-dream that I’m lucky to be alive to tell about.”   

Between the Devil and Me Track Listing

  1. The Devil and Me
  2. Everybody Gets to Be Wrong
  3. Half of the Time
  4. True Much Love
  5. Rolling Down the Line
  6. Down by Her Riverside Home
  7. Higher
  8. If Lonely Were Money
  9. Make Way for the King
  10. Hold You
  11. Rolling On

About David Climaco Garcia

David Climaco Garcia emerges from a mid-century highway culture that still dominates the American imagination. The Albuquerque-based songwriter draws from New Mexico’s Southwestern Americana, a blend of classic cowboy and country sensibilities mixed with his own Spanish and Native American lineage. Garcia has assisted sessions with Neil Young, The Donnas, and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow at the studio Bill Putnam built for John Coltrane in the sixties. He played shows with the seminal indie-folk queen, Jolie Holland. While an editor and New Mexico post production supervisor on the Academy Award-nominated film “Hell or High Water,” he jammed with Jeff Bridges.