““Octopus” lays out layers of synths, guitars, and ethereal vocals like a lagoon of crystal clear water, inviting you to immerse yourself. ” – Glamglare


Cornwall, UK (July 28. 2021) –  Inspired by the Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher, UK duo, Starrgazy announces the release of their dreampop single, “Octopus” on August 12. 

Multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley Morgan sent vocalist Lucie Hill a music track during the lockdown. Inspired by My Octopus Teacher, the dreamy and woozy vibe led to the title and lyrics for “Octopus.” Within “Octopus” gentle atmospheric waves awash the listener in a journey of inner exploration. The song delves into underwater depths through a wobbly guitar sound and synths rumbling through the background to create a seasick feeling of being caught off balance.

Hill says, “Having recently done my own deep dive into personal therapy after physical and emotional burnout, I resonated with Craig Foster’s story and his exploration of personal growth. Some people prefer to play it safe and simmer on the surface bobbing up and down like a buoy on the ocean. For other humans like Craig Foster, profound growth lurks deep inside of them and ‘My Octopus Teacher’ presented the exploration of ‘self’ to us in a serene and moving way.  I was inspired to write lyrics for ‘Octopus’ that drew on the same themes of personal growth and transformation.” 

While “Octopus” mimics the sense of unease that comes from being drawn out of your comfort zone it also provides the salve. Hill says, “The opening lyrics ‘I hear my breath like I’m underwater. I hear my thoughts but they don’t bother me here’ – are very psychotherapeutic. When I am anxious and my thoughts can get the better of me these lyrics are a reminder to focus on my breath, to come out of my mind, and focus on my body.”

About Starrgazy

Starrgazy is the musical partnership of vocalist Lucie Hill and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley Morgan, based in Cornwall, UK where they share a love of the timeless dreampop of Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins, and the brittle tonalities of post-punk and new-wave. Hill enjoyed a successful solo career, performing across the UK – as well as further afield in New Zealand, Canada and the US. She received airplay BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 from DJs Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson. Morgan toured and recorded with The Loose Salute (featuring members of Slowdive and Mojave 3) and Louis Eliot (formerly of Rialto and Kinky Machine). Starrgazy’s debut single Flying was “Track of the Week” for BBC South West, receiving daily airplay on BBC stations throughout the SW of the UK. They also received national airplay on BBC R6 in the UK.

Praise For Starrgazy

“Hailing from the west coast of Cornwall, vocalist Lucie Hill and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Morgan create music that captures the sublime sensibility of their native landscape and the romantic undertones of their name. Like falling into a warm body of water, “Flying” envelopes the senses and rocks us into a state of blissful, delicious languor; ushering in a lucid daydream that you will not want to wake from.” – Liza Kupreeva – Chalkpit Records

“Lush and ethereal, honest and tactile, “Flying” is an incredible calling card to this duo’s future. If you’re a fan of The Know, Who Can Sleep, and/or Still Corners, make sure to get this one on your favorite dreamy playlist.” – Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles

“From its opening strum the track swirls like a mist off the coast towards your ears and carries you in its wake as it creates an atmospheric dreamscape. Overall ‘Flying’ is a great statement to make as a debut single. Not only does it highlight Starrgazy’s distinctive sound but it also gives us a glimpse at the small embers that will surely one day ignite and launch them into the wider music scene.” – Barstool Music

“Fans of Mazzy Star, Dubstar, St Etienne and 80s romance soundtracks will love this as the dreamy synths and gently strummed guitars are layered upon by soft, soothing vocals. If this appeared in the new series of Stranger Things it would be absolutely no surprise and that is a huge compliment coming from me, just so you’re clear.” –  Listen With Monger

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