COLUMBUS, Ohio  (August 24, 2021) – Lydia Brownfield announces the release of her fierce yet contemplative album, Dig, on November 19. The album travels the euphoric highs of being in love and the dramatic lows of breaking up and discovering internal power. Through genre-bending twists and turns of folk, punk, and pop, it explores the journey of getting caught up in someone else and losing sight of one’s journey of self-discovery.

Brownfield says, “It represents the elusive line between finding myself and losing myself amid all the relationships that come and go in my life.” She continues, “I believe growth happens by crossing the lines of one’s comfort zone – or at least pressing against them. Pushing boundaries and having new experiences are at the core of growth. While it’s not easy to continually put oneself out there on that limb, I do try to remember this when new experiences present themselves.”

The songs range from empowerment in a fractured and toxic political climate, resiliency after failed relationships and broken career paths, and ultimately self-discovery as a way toward the answers. Written during the highly charged 2019 political environment, “We Are Bound” serves as a reminder that we have the power to heal each other, to teach each other right from wrong, and to lift those who are down or less fortunate.  Representing perceived failures in love and life, “Against the Light” is like a moth throwing itself against the light to find its way in the dark. The cornerstone of the album, “The Digger” explores self-discovery before, during, after, and between relationships. 

The album produced by Fred Blitzer includes studio musicians Jeff Martin (drums), Andy Harrison (guitar), and Phil Maneri (bass) hand-selected by Blitzer. It also includes Brownfield’s partner, Jeff Dalrymple on acoustic guitar. Blitzer agreed to work with Brownfield under one condition – if they used his studio musicians. Although it placed Brownfield in an awkward position and created strife with the existing musicians she was used to working with; the results were beyond expectation. 

Dig Track Listing

  1. We Are Bound
  2. Death Do Us Part
  3. Against The Light 
  4. Broken
  5. Say You Understand
  6. Everything Out There 
  7. Love: Forever 
  8. The Digger 
  9. Things I’ve Done 
  10. Hurricane
  11. Windsong & Cigarette Smoke 
  12. Just Like Love
  13. Holding Hands 

About Lydia Brownfield

Lydia Brownfield’s songs reflect a lifetime of rich and also very human experiences.  They include growing up in Columbus, Ohio, and studying at the local fine arts college. A decade of living and performing in Atlanta and touring the south. A move to New York City and going through two difficult divorces. And most importantly, becoming a mom. Brownfield’s music influences range widely from folk and alternative country to power pop and punk, and her songs cross many of those same genres but find a comfortable spot among edgy folk/pop artists.

Lydia Brownfield Album Release Show
Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music – Worthington, OH
Saturday, November 20
Tickets: TBD