“If you want a song with the perfect passion to hug you in the midst of sadness, this song is the perfect way.” – Indie Criollo


NASHVILLE (October 11, 2021) – Taxiway releases “Four Star,” a song for late-night lonely hotel rooms, October 21 on Seven Plates Records. It is off the album, Absence, due out November 5. The single partially inspired by the film “Up in the Air” depicts a drunken conversation with a hotel’s front desk and the broader message that everything is temporary. 

The song tells the story of a man who travels frequently for his job and learns that his company plans to lay him off and replace him with the overseas workers he’s been training. He runs up an enormous hotel room service tab and charges it to his company credit card out of spite. The song’s rolling snare gives a marching undercurrent of war waged on the soon-to-be-former employer. It serves as a reminder that a comfortable way of life can be one phone call away from completely falling apart. And corporate America will cut you loose without a second thought if it results in a temporary boost in their stock price. 

The album is bookended by songs where the narrators feel unseen, unnoticed, and unappreciated. The characters in these songs aren’t just looking to leave; They want other people to *feel* their absence. The songs and atmospheric music that accompanies them, invoke the lonely, unfamiliar world of airports, hotels, offices, and empty city streets, centered by narrators whose lives are in a state of transit. 

Absence Track Listing

  1. Nobody’s Watching
  2. Prime Meridian
  3. Four Star
  4. Crasher
  5. House Upon the Sand
  6. Sweet Rosalita
  7. Ten Miles High
  8. Irish Goodbye
  9. How to Fake Your Own Death

About Taxiway

Taxiway began as a lo-fi bedroom solo pop project in early 2020. The idea came in late 2019 from a Spotify playlist Taxiway founder Mike Aurand created to listen to while traveling. Aurand says, “My wife Emily and I used to strategically choose which song we’d each listen to while our plane was taking off. It was a sort of ritual for us, the official start of whatever trip we were taking.” The comprised playlist consisted of chill electronica, trip-hop, jazz, and occasional singer/songwriter tunes. In late 2020, the project evolved into a trio with Joseph Jared (bass) and Caila Singleton (drums). They played their first show as a three-piece band at the Springwater Supper Club on July 21, 2021, which also happened to be Aurand’s three-year wedding anniversary.


Tour Dates

Nov 6 – The Cobra, Nashville (Record Release Show)