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ST LOUIS (January 13, 2022) – Andrew Ryan announces the release of his Americana album, A Tiny Death, on April 1 on Delete Yourself. A middle American ethos and two-lane highways indicative of Ryan’s Missouri hometown and life on the road as a touring musician pervades A Tiny Death. Through a lilting jogging beat and Ryan’s rustic vocals, there’s the feeling of simultaneously rolling forward and looking back in a self-reflective rearview mirror. 

A Tiny Death refers to the many deaths/transformations that occur in life. Ryan says, “I came across the french phrase ‘La petite mort’ which means a little death. It translates to ‘the brief loss or weakening of consciousness. It also refers to ‘a short period of melancholy’ which is something I can relate to – death and transformation isn’t necessarily a bad thing or something to fear. For me growing is also allowing some death to occur in your life.”

After spending so much time on the road, Ryan found a kindred spirit in William Least Heat-Moon’s book Blue Highways. In fact, on his upcoming album, he wrote the song “Heat Moon” about the fellow traveler. The book chronicles Heat-Moon’s journey across back highways (blue highways), where he encounters a diverse group of people along the way while discovering more about himself in the process. Ryan says, “I find inspiration in everything I experience, the people I meet, the places I’ve been, and the difficulties that life presents. I credit a lot of it to touring and being on the road.” 

“Midwest Kids,” the first single set for release, revolves around the growing pains of trying to figure out who you are or where you belong, even within yourself. Ryan says, “Being a father, I’m starting to see my daughter try to navigate the same waters that we all swim through.” “All My Life” follows the struggle of trying to do the right thing or understanding if what you’re doing at the time is the right thing or not. 

Jay Burgess (The Pollies), Alden Hedges (American Aquarium), Daniel Wolff (Dead Horses), and  Will Walden (StaG) were just a few of the friends and artists who contributed to the album. It was all recorded from everyone’s home or home studio, except for some backing vocals recorded at Native Sound in St. Louis, Missouri. 

A Tiny Death Track Listing

  1. All My Life
  2. Midwest Kids
  3. Jean, NV
  4. Empty House
  5. Star Sign
  6. Janet
  7. Stunt Dust
  8. Fighting Loneliness
  9. Wilted Lover
  10. Heat Moon (for Madison Wheeler)

About Andrew Ryan

Centered firmly in heartland Americana, Ryan’s upcoming album, A Tiny Death, departs from his last record, Wild Terrain/You Cannot Delete Yourself! Wild Terrain encompassed folk, garage rock, and alt-country, an amalgamation that caused The Columbian Tribune to draw comparisons to a Jackson Pollock painting. Ryan has been featured on Consequence of Sound New Sounds playlist. He’s also opened for Rayland Baxter, Dead Horses, Dylan LeBlanc & the Pollies.

Praise For Andrew Ryan

“The charged, twangy alt-country on Andrew Ryan’s debut LP bears the traces of rust stains and calloused hands.” -Christian Schaeffer -The River Front Times

“One of the strongest rock ‘n’ roll records to emerge from the Midwest this year” – The Columbia Tribune