ROXBURY, NEW JERSEY (January 20, 2022) – The upcoming single from Rigbi, “I’m a Mess in Winter,” blankets a calm February night with a layer of splintering self-confession. The song captures the unrest of seasonal affective disorder’s (S.A.D.) lonely anxiety amplified by a chaotic world and the darkness of winter. The single features a guitar solo from Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie) and is due out February 7. It’s the lead single off the Find Your Light EP due out April 8 and includes a video on the band’s YouTube channel

At the height of the COVID pandemic, Depper posted a call to action on his Instagram page, saying he would play on songs for anybody that donated to the MusicCares non-profit and would match their donations. MusicCares focuses on mental health and addiction recovery services, making it a perfect complement to the new single’s core meaning. Having a foundational passion for giving back, the band eagerly jumped on the opportunity to be a part of a great cause. Guitarist Jon Irizarry explains, “Being able to help raise money for musicians in need alongside Dave was a definite highlight of the year. Having one of our favorite bands play on our own song is a crazy feeling, and it still takes me by surprise every time I hear the song.” The band is no stranger to long-distance collaborations, having done many, so working with Depper felt natural.

“I’m a Mess in Winter” captures the feeling of struggling with mental health both musically and lyrically and everything that accompanies that uncertainty. From the loneliness of the gently arpeggiated introduction syncopated with Irizarry’s voice to a building bridge reminiscent of insomnia, the band paints the picture of a single path of footprints calmly disappearing in the snow without being able to shut off the mental static inside. But just as midnight eventually becomes dawn, the song, accompanied by Depper’s bright solo, shines warm rays as a triumphant glimpse of the ice melting for body and mind.  

About Rigbi

Rigbi is and always has been Brian Cornish (Drums), Jon Irizarry (Vocals, Guitar), Pat Maloney (Keys, Synthesizer, Glockenspiel), Randy Sabo (Bass), and Rick Rogers (Guitar). The Northern New Jersey group formed in 2011 but have been life-long friends. They released their debut, self-titled album in 2012, Visionary in 2014, and Ways in 2017, along with numerous singles covering some of their favorite musicians. Visionary received praise from Buzzfeed and made the Top 25 on over 30 CMJ Radio Stations. They received recognition from Sub Pop for their cover of The Head and The Heart, who also shared it across social media. Rigbi is releasing their upcoming EP Find Your Light this spring, which features Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie).  Starting in 2019, each song they record, whether an original or cover song, is also accompanied by a video released on their Rigbi YouTube channel, focusing on a different charity in each outro. 


Praise For Rigbi

“The grooves are strong in this new session from Rigbi. The New Jersey outfit are getting you ready for summer nights.” – Paste/Daytrotter

“8 out of 10. An indie sweetmeat.” – americanaUK