ROXBURY, NEW JERSEY (January 21, 2022) – The new EP from Rigbi, Find Your Light, shelters the wandering heart with a punctuated perspective. Touching on themes of how overthinking can cause mental distortion, it creates an effervescent remedy to soothe the soul. Each song on the EP – written, arranged, and recorded remotely – builds emotion through layering to tell a cohesive story. It also features a contribution from Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie) as part of a collaboration to give back to the MusicCares non-profit focused on mental health and addiction recovery.

Find Your Light peers into an unraveling mind. The lead single, “I’m a Mess in Winter,” tackles the very real and underdiagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), capturing shifting mood swings associated with the dark, cold season. A thoughtfully spaced melody underscores the torn-out pages of gloominess and depression as the lyrics tell a story of hope – a common thread throughout the EP. Depper contributes a shimmering windchime guitar solo reminiscent of softer snowfall and lighter days.

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As the seasons shift and the soil beds teem with possibility, so does the EP. “The Good Years” builds on splashing drums and a thumping bass line that captures the excitement of leaving winter in the rearview mirror. But feeling restless isn’t contained to three months. The band speaks to easily getting lost in the past without learning to live in the present. Guitarist and vocalist Jon Irizarry explains, “We have so many events and relationships throughout our lives. It’s funny that someone or something that can be so important to us in one part can be gone in another.” 

Rigbi is no stranger to a remote songwriting process, often writing, recording, and mastering in different cities – which can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel. On Find Your Light, they went a step further and experimented with new instrumentation to capture a fresh take that still felt like home. Elements of synthesizer and MIDI musical flourishes can be especially felt on the final track, “Untied,” where the group creates genuine orchestral layering that burns like love’s slow fading flame. Lyrically, the message is that heartbreak can go both ways when a relationship ends. A sliding bassline and sepia-toned guitar build until the song and EP finally find closure. 

About Rigbi

Rigbi is and always has been Brian Cornish (Drums), Jon Irizarry (Vocals, Guitar), Pat Maloney (Keys, Synthesizer, Glockenspiel), Randy Sabo (Bass), and Rick Rogers (Guitar). The Northern New Jersey group formed in 2011 but have been life-long friends. They released their debut, self-titled album in 2012, Visionary in 2014, and Ways in 2017, along with numerous singles covering some of their favorite musicians. Visionary received praise from Buzzfeed and made the Top 25 on over 30 CMJ Radio Stations. They received recognition from Sub Pop for their cover of The Head and The Heart, who also shared it across social media. Rigbi is releasing their upcoming EP Find Your Light this spring, which features Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie).  Starting in 2019, each song they record, whether an original or cover song, is also accompanied by a video released on their Rigbi YouTube channel, focusing on a different charity in each outro. 



Praise For Rigbi

“The grooves are strong in this new session from Rigbi. The New Jersey outfit are getting you ready for summer nights.” – Paste/Daytrotter

“8 out of 10. An indie sweetmeat.” – americanaUK