FOR RELEASE April 1, 2022

DENVER (February 25, 2022) – The April 1 single “Two Apartments” from mountain-emo trio Keep Off the Grass illuminates the tension and emotional baggage caused by an inevitable falling out. Lyrically-charged and imbued with energy, the single’s exhaustive screams can be felt reverberating throughout the home where friends slowly became afterthoughts. It is on the debut album, here but not there, due out April 8. 

“Two Apartments” captures a moment in time within a toxic environment where singer and guitarist Cayden Wemple’s bedroom was divided by a thin wall which separated  him from the room of an ex-bandmate. While the single’s music builds into a relentless melodic radiance, it truly shines as a poetic white-knucked grasp on slipping sanity. That wall, which initially struggled to break their friendship in the midst of a crumbling house, became a schismed dividing wall of an apartment separating strangers. Wemple explains, “The eerie awareness of a person’s presence on the other side can be off putting, but when a familiar body becomes a foreign one that hides behind five inches of drywall, the effect is devastating.” 

Layered within the rawness and simplicity of a guitar, drums, and bass are Wemple’s vocals which repeat the line “you’re here, but you’re not there.” The phrase becomes an anchor among a sea of storytelling and personal references that break the musical fourth wall. “Two Apartments” was recorded by the group in their basement, which adds to the vulnerability and feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and impending fear that can be experienced throughout every note. 

About Keep Off The Grass

Keep Off the Grass is an indie/rock band with Midwest emo influences. Formed in 2018 by songwriter Cayden Wemple (guitar/vocals), Jake Demarco (bass), and Caleb Theil (drums), the college-roommates became bandmates and quickly took on the Denver scene. Their sound captures the musical ambiance of groups such as American Football and Oso Oso with the lyrical storytelling of Bright Eyes and Phoebe Bridgers. Their debut album here but not there is due out April 2022.