BOSTON (April 12, 2022) – Autumn Hollow announces the release of their single, “Meantime/Between Time,” on April 28. It’s off the Americana EP, Throw the House, due out June 17 through Oak Honest Records. A song to listen to amongst springtime wonders, “Meantime/Between Time” centers around the necessity to exist in the moment. A lilting melody draws the listener to the present moment while Murphy sings of finding happiness within even the deepest of burdens

In the meantime 

and between time

Let’s listen to the flowers, Take shelter in the winter

Come over when the lighting strikes

If burdens still remain

The lived-in joy extends to the other songs on Throw the House, a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to build and rebuild no matter how much everyday life tears you down. Murphy’s hopes and struggles come across in songs like “Si Viene Si Va.” He says, “That was the first song that I wrote when I was able to write again. Si viene si va is an Italian phrase, that means ‘comes and it goes.’ That idea was really important during that time. I just needed to have more energy and more happiness. Even if you’re writing something that might seem sad or depressing or whatever, you still need those things.”  “Pick up my pills and pick up my kids and hope that one won’t react with the other,” Murphy sings on “Rooting for Laundry.” The sound is often centered around the acoustic guitar and Murphy’s earnest vocal delivery triangulated somewhere between Bruce Springsteen’s bedroom records and Fleet Foxes’ rootsy rock and roll.

Throw the House Track Listing

  1. Meantime/Between Time
  2. Rooting for Laundry
  3. Si viene si va

About Autumn Hollow

Boston Americana rockers Autumn Hollow return with their first new recordings since 2013. The three-song EP features a reconstituted band led by singer/songwriter Brendan Murphy and a refreshed outlook on writing and performing. The band has gone through a few lineup changes since its inception in 2007. It currently features Murphy (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Mike Burke (lead guitar, background vocals), Chuck Vath (bass, background vocals), James DeFilippo (piano, organ, keys), and Nick Campbell (drums).

Tour Dates

April 22- New City Brewery, Easthampton, MA

April 28- Notch Brewery & Tap Room, Brighton, MA

May 14- Night Shift Brewing, Everett, MA

June 4- Back East Brewing, Bloomfield, CT

June 17- Blue, Portland, ME

June 18- BareWolf Brewing, Amesbury, MA

June 23- Might Squirrel Brewing, Waltham MA

August 20- Lost Shoe Brewing, Marlborough, MA