“Guzman uses her background in musical theater to project the kind of mature and quirky tone most aspiring performers would kill for (think: Chrissie Hynde).” – Melina Glusac – Metro Times


DETROIT (April 22, 2022) – Emma Guzman announces the release of her indie-folk single, “Moving Along,” on May 9. It’s off the album, Something Less Than Alone, due out June 17. Churning with tender turbulence alongside Guzman’s smoldering vocals, “Moving Along” is a kind of murder ballad that evokes the feel of a showdown in an old Western Film. 

Guzman got the line “what’s death got to do with a suitcase” from the tv show Bates Motel which she was watching at the time. She says, “The lyrics have an air of mystery, and I wanted them to read like an old-fashioned Western.” 

Something Less Than Alone is an achingly vulnerable indie-folk record that sees the now 19-year-old plotting her growth over the last few years. It’s an album that showcases the simultaneous beauty and turmoil of our teenage years, so filled with unknowns as childhood transitions into young adulthood. Guzman holds nothing back in soundtracking her own coming-of-age experience, sharing her insecurities, her joys, her regrets, and her hopes for whatever comes next.

A collection of wistful and wondrous songs built up around Guzman’s gentle voice and guitar, Something Less Than Alone puts the artist’s songwriting talents front and center as she weaves through her own highs and lows, uncovering the beauty and the wreckage inside us all through stories of everyday living.

Something Less Than Alone Track Listing

  1. Blue October
  2. Moving Along
  3. Helen
  4. Love Bites
  5. Today
  6. Bullfrog
  7. Bones
  8. Hemingway
  9. Flood
  10. Home

About Emma Guzman

Although only 19 years old, Emma Guzman already has a seasoned array of accomplishments under her belt. Jay Gonzales from the Drive By Truckers played guitar on her previously released album, “Echo.” She was selected as one of five Detroit musicians for TIDAL’s project, TIDAL Unplugged and has been a featured cover artist on their Folk Rising Playlist several times. She was also selected to be a resident this year at Assemble Sound in Detroit and has been supported by WDET and Metro Times.

Tour Dates

6/17 Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit w/Wendy Case and Pia