“Another soulful delivery from Joselyn as she continues to use her powerful vocals to great effect. …” — Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway Magazine

LOS ANGELES (August 30, 2022) – Joselyn & Don announce the release of their western gothic single “Give Up the Ghost” on September 14. It’s off the EP, Seeds & Bones, due out October 7. Melding Muscle Shoals soul with country twang, “Give Up the Ghost” is a call to give up the hate that still permeates our society and recognize the history that has allowed it to continue.

A unified horn section announces this song as an anthem while funky guitar work and major chord progressions belie a strong message. Subtle instrumental touches and rich harmonies give “Give Up the Ghost” an otherworldly dimension. Don dug out his dad’s Hawaiian steel guitar from the 1950’s to provide the “moan” that anchors the song’s ultimately hopeful message, and Alan Mark Lightner (Pharell Williams, Lady A) added live drums to the track.

As a nation of Americans, we all share a connection to slavery, an institution that was an intimate part of our founding and helped build our country for over two hundred years. Yet, any mention of what the history of slavery means for our present and what it has meant for generations of Americans is met with resistance and denial of one form or another. Don says, “This reaction reminds us of a family that doesn’t like to talk about its past problems or relatives that made poor decisions because it might reflect badly on them. But if we face our past, we can learn from it.” We can “give up the ghost” and move forward together in love and understanding.

On Seeds & Bones, Joselyn & Don excavate their collective past and deepest fears through blues, folk, and jazz to plant their hopes for the future. Joselyn Wilkinson says, “These songs grow out of our desire for something better, for our planet, our society, our spirits, and our desire to share who we are.” The album was mixed by Sven Martin, who has appeared with Shakira, the Black Eyed Peas, and Liz Phair as a musician and now writes and produces songs for TV and film. 

Seeds & Bones Track Listing

  1. Deep Down
  2. Give Up the Ghost
  3. Seeds & Bones
  4. Stay
  5. Light a Spark

About Joselyn & Don

Montana natives turned Angelenos, Joselyn & Don’s intoxicating music feels like a walk through mountain wildflowers and Southern California Joshua trees. Enter their wild garden – where blues, folk, and jazz form a dark understory illuminated with lyrical truth. Joselyn Wilkinson and Don Barrozo forage musical ideas from many sources and plant those seeds in rich Americana soil. Their 2020 debut album Soar was warmly received by critics and independent radio across North America, earning several charting positions, recognition in song contests such as Music City SongStar, and opening slots for Americana artists including Willie Watson, Chris Pierce and Hubby Jenkins (of Carolina Chocolate Drops). Wilkinson is the founder of the women’s global fusion band, ADAAWE, who has toured extensively and appeared with luminaries such as James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Leanne Rimes. She previously released two independent albums and toured with her band Wild Roots in the 2000s. Barrozo, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer with many album credits, also serves as film editor for the long-running animated series “The Simpsons.”

Tour Dates

Jan 27 & 28, 2023 – George Nakano Theater, Torrance, CA

Praise for Joselyn & Don

“Their debut album, Soar, finds Joselyn & Don exploring country roots, folk, and American soul. Joselyn’s sultry vocals lock you in from the very first track.” — Americana Rhythm Music Magazine

“That sensitivity to the environment informs “Storm” and other songs on “Soar,” just as their rhythmic buoyancy tinges them with hope.” — Bliss Bowen, The Argonaut

“In a stunning mountainside setting, the video brings the song to life in all its splendor. “Wayfarer’s Son” is a tale of responsibility and commitment, made beautiful by the duo’s fluid style.”— Americana Highways

“Thank you for putting on such a beautiful performance at our summer concert! We felt so blessed to have you share your wonderful talent and creative sweetness with us. You helped to make the show a success!” — Roxanne Hill

“Montana natives, Joselyn & Don, have crafted a unique track that showcases the power of the Missouri River as a metaphor to the differences that divide us…The instrumentation is balanced and raw, and the delivery in the vocal is captivating.” — Independent Music Reviews

“Rooted in Americana, the album takes the listener on a roller coaster of emotions and imagery.” — Nicole Marchesi, The Women of Country

“In these divided times, we need the poignance and edge of folk music to unite us. That’s where LA-based duo Joselyn & Don come in. Sonically, the tune presents layers of folk, Americana, and blues…guiding us forward beneath Joselyn’s rich, soul-inspired vocal.” — Underground Music Collective