“Think of the softer side of post-punk like Depeche Mode and the darker side of contemporary skillful pop like Billie Eilish.” -Glamglare

MONTREAL (October 5, 2022) – littleuniverses announces the release of the dark atmospheric single “Sword” on October 26. It’s off her debut self-titled album due out February 10. Embedded with femme-fatale gothic and Depeche Mode “Violator”-esque undertones, “Sword” arises in the twilight hours when we ponder in darkness.

Sword” is a love story about someone who fetishizes the digital version of their muse but continues to yearn for their muse in their true human form. As much as tech enhances facets of our lives, there is nothing that can substitute human touch. littleuniverses says, “I have seen people become incredibly sexually attracted to something that is not real and be in a state of dissatisfaction. I am led to believe that only human interaction can completely satisfy human desire.”

littleuniverses is joined on the single by Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain) on guitar, synth, bass, and beats, and the album’s producer, Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Zola Jesus, Anna von Hausswolf, Myrkur) on synth. Littleuniverse plays piano and contributes to beats. Randall Dunn brought littleuniverses’ dark and ethereal, poetic, and cinematic dichotomy to life, reflecting the dark folk and dark gentle core, rock, and jazz styles embraced within the album. 

Like a film with highs, lows, and moments of intensity, the album often feels like exploring a lush forest surrounded by trees, rustling leaves, and birdsongs to ultimately create a profound sense of calmness and serenity. The album introspects themes of identity, relationships, struggle, the search for beauty and meaning, love, hope, mysticism, and the passing of time. littleuniverses says, “I approach these topics in my music in a way that is more abstract at times so listeners of any gender can also find a piece of themselves in the music and relate.” The story immerses the listener in each of the songs as if part of the music. It gives a voice to those who have difficulty expressing their feelings and finding comfort along the album’s journey.

littleuniversesTrack Listing

  1. Magic
  2. Woman
  3. Bird in your hat
  4. Forever to never again
  5. Will I be a mother
  6. Snowflakes
  7. Sword
  8. Your lake
  9. 8
  10. Send it away

About littleuniverses

The Montreal, Quebec artist, littleuniverses aspires to be an artist with an ability to inspire through her craft and connect with an audience from all walks of life. She believes art’s connection to everyone subject to it is unique, and the way it strikes a chord is so deep to provide strength, solace, empathy, and joy, breathing life into all who experience it. littleuniverses went on to work with Scott Jacoby on a series of singles in 2019 and an EP in 2020. On her upcoming album, due out February 2023, littleuniverses enlisted the help of producer and musician Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Zola Jesus, Anna von Hausswolf, Myrkur), musician Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain), and cellist Brent Arnold. The Canada Council for the Arts awarded littleuniverses a grant to fund the creation and album release.

Praise For “Sword”

“‘Sword’ by Littleuniverses is a dark, droning, mesmerizing work of art.” – Rising Artists

“…incredibly layered with a richer sound and lush production that keeps us on our toes every second of the way, until it ultimately fades and leaves us wanting more.” – Less than 1000 Followers

“We love the depth that littleuniverses creates with and the sonic landscape of Sword is certainly akin to Depeche Mode, but there is no doubt that the artist is creating a dimension of her own.” – Karl is My Unkle