“If Coyote- ‘kī-yōte’ is just Springer’s beginning, born out of and produced during an endless pandemic winter, it’s a first howl worth hearing.” – Little Villa

DAVENPORT, IA (December 14, 2022) –  Logan Springer & the Wonderfully Wild announces the release of their Americana Rock album, Crow,” on March 3. Told around seasonal imagery and rural Midwest landscapes, “Crow” centers around navigating life in an uncertain world and the untold stories of rural, blue-collar life – the real problems Springer, his family, and neighbors have had. The crow represents the state of paranoia and confusion a lot of the world is living in today due to the pandemic, political divide, general misinformation, and unsupported mental health issues that affect countless people. 

Crow extends the theme of misunderstood animals that first occurred on Springer’s solo album, “Coyote – ‘kī-yōte.” Crows are thought to be dirty, trash birds when, in reality, they are incredibly intelligent and capable of learning. Springer says, “Your typical country song is like the social media of music; it only shows the good parts. I want to show what life out in the middle is really like, without all of the polish.”

Springer grew up very poor in a blue-collar family where respect was only given to people working with their hands 100 hours per week. Springer says, “While I enjoy working with my hands and hard work in general, I was into sports, art, literature, music, and writing, which was discouraged and not supported by my community. Yet, with people outside my community, it was assumed that I was nothing but a redneck, given my upbringing. I’m trying to show through my writing that you can be both well-read and a redneck; no one has to be one thing.”  The album’s title conveys this idea through the misunderstood and mischaracterized animal.

The songs on “Crow” revel in cultural relevance. “Crow” is a tongue-in-cheek poke at the growth in conspiracy theorists that seemed to grow exponentially during the Covid pandemic. “Greenbacks and Gold” is Springer’s take on the anti-work movement of no longer dedicating your life to working for “the man” without being able to ever get ahead or partaking in the fruits of one’s labor. “Headed Through Hell” is partially about the ongoing opioid epidemic and how more and more people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs after an injury/surgery. 

The band recorded the album at Flat Black, a studio built in a 100-year-old barn on a farmstead in rural Iowa, as an homage to Springer’s home growing up. 

Crow Track Listing

  1. All Lies
  2. High Plains Wind
  3. Greenbacks and Gold
  4. Headed Through Hell
  5. Crow
  6. Thundercloud
  7. The Rough
  8. Can’t Complain
  9. Through the Blinds
  10. Ballin’ the Jack

About Logan Springer & the Wonderully Wild

In 2021 Logan Springer released his debut album, “Coyote – – ‘kī-yōte.” Since that release, he’s expanded a full band with The Wonderfully Wild. The current lineup includes Ben Schwind (bass guitar, backing vocals), Murray Lee Rice (piano, organ, guitar), and Tom Swanson (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band has opened for Mike and the Moonpies, Alex Williams, and The Ghost of Paul Revere.

Tour Dates

Feb 3 – KJ’s Hideaway, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Feb 4 – The Lift, Dubuque, IA

March 3 – Redstone Room – Davenport, IA (Album Release Show)

March 11 – Wildwood Saloon – Iowa City, IA (Album Release Show)

April 1 – Stable Music Hall, Bloomington

April 7 –  Fox Den Motel – Dubuque, IA doors @ 7:00

May 5 – The Village Theatre – Davenport, IA @ 7:00

June 3 – Food Truck Fight – Galena, IL @ 2:30pm