WARWICK, New York (January 20, 2022) – Tina Ross releases her love song, “Summers Like These,” on February 1. As we long for the sweet days of summer in the throws of winter bitterness, the evanescent single engages the senses with a warm, balmy summer scene filled with synonymous sounds and surrounding textures. It’s off the album “While I’m Here,” due out February 17, 2023.  “Summers Like These” will also be included in a “Summer” compilation by Christine Lavin.  Other artists on the compilation are Dar Williams, Julie Gold, Cliff Eberhardt, David LaMotte, Patty Larkin & David Wilcox

The lyrics within “Summers Like These” convey the hazy feeling of being swept away in love and the new insights we get from new love and experiences at a young age or any age. There’s a sense of time passing, creeping – “time creeps, flowers weep” and gaining experience –  “somehow older now, a whole lot wiser.”

Tina Ross’s debut folk release, “While I’m Here,” has been a long time in the making. In her second act, she overcomes injuries indicative of her craft to pursue her very patient muse with resilience and perseverance. Ross had to overcome challenges before she could fully explore a songwriter career. After being accidentally hit in the throat, she could not talk for more than five minutes without her voice frying. Singing was out of the question. She worked through this successfully with doctors, physical therapists, and vocal coaches. And after Ross injured her hands as a chiropractor, she searched for a way to adjust her guitar playing to the limitations of this disability. Open tunings became an essential part of Ross’s music, opening sonic landscapes that she would not have imagined without that adaptation. This discovery resulted in distinctive, nuanced textures in her guitar playing. 

“While I’m Here” Track Listing

  1. While I’m Here (4:15)
  2. A Life I Am Forging (4:07)
  3. Artemisia (3:25)
  4. It Doesn’t Bother Me Now (4:08)
  5. Make It To The Other Side (3:41)
  6. Dawn Redwood Winter (4:22)
  7. Night Thoughts Speak (3:34)
  8. Hold The Door (4:03)
  9. Summers Like These (4:08)
  10. Catching Up (3:19)

About Tina Ross

Ross is full-speed (double time) songwriting with The Jack Hardy Songwriting Exchange and Steven Seskin, recording with Mark Dann (having recently finished her debut album), performing, and embracing her growing music community. Ross hosts the Open Stage and hosts and produces the monthly online series “Inside the Song” for The Folk Project of New Jersey. Ross interviews seasoned songwriters and explores their songwriting process. Guests have included Dar Williams, Ellis Paul, and Christine Lavin. Ross brings her innate curiosity to understand the vision behind an artist’s work. She’s been recognized by the UK Songwriting Contest and The International Blues and Roots Radio Contest as a finalist and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest as an Honorable Mention. Ross’s upcoming album is her official imprint into the digital folk community after a year of performing in notable folk conferences and festivals, including Folk Alliance, opening for Tom Chapin, and appearing as a special guest of Christine Lavin.

Tour Date

Saturday, Feb 18 – 8:00pm EST – CD Release Concert with surprise special guests.