“an impressive first step forward…” – Billboard

SEATTLE (February 24, 2023) - Seattle band, The Jaws of Brooklyn will play eight showcases from March 14-March 18 during SXSW.  Their debut album, “The Shoals” recorded in Alabama’s Muscle Shoals region at Sundrop Sound, a studio co-owned by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes) and John Paul White (Civil Wars), embodies the sun-soaked soul and seductive grit while standing at the crossroads where rock and roll and soul converge. The album, co-produced by Tanner and the band cradles a vintage 60’s-reverb sound that still feels modern – as if Aretha, Otis, and Mick were sharing a drink with the band after each session. 

Showcases include:

Marcy 14

5:30 PM @Dick’s Drive-In Live Stage Riches Art Gallery, 2511 E 6th St unit A, 

March 15

8 PM @Geraldine's In the VanZant Hotel, 605 Davis S

March 16

3pm @Gorilla Showcase - The Lucky Duck, 1300 East 6th street

7 PM @Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company - Rocky And The Hair x Tomorrow Records present: Sign Of The Times 2023 - National & International, 1305 W. Oltorf

March 17

2:45 PM @Sunny's Backyard, 3526 E 7th St

6 PM @KTSN Live Radio - Colton House Hotel on South Congress, 2510 S Congress Ave

March 18th

2:30 PM @UTOPiA Sessions at Zilker Brewing Co., 1701 E 6th St

6 PM @SXCS Gueros' Tacos, 1412 S Congress Ave

The Shoals dances between smoldering sizzle, psychedelic smoke, and bright vintage-soul arrangements to capture the heart of its namesake region. Guitarist Bryan Cohen layers shimmering tube melodies that can shift from tremolo-driven twang to punchy buzz in an instant. Paul Christofferson’s warm, round bass and Zia Uddin’s percussion could set up shop in the heart of Motown without missing a beat. All of the components set the stage for Lindsay Love’s dynamic range of vocal melodies. From the unapologetic feminist anthem “Fever” to the upbeat British invasion single “Forever and a Day'', her voice soars with a harmonious register fit for every situation. 

Not only did the group meet during the height of the pandemic, but they wrote and recorded the album during that timeframe as well. As a Seattle-based band, they needed a change of scenery away from the clouds and opted for a place that aligned with their personal musical roots. In addition to producer duties, Tanner added his keyboardist skills using  a series of analog keyboards and organs to capture the Muscle Shoals sound alongside bells and tape reverb to imbue the tracks with a retro feel. Love explains, “We wanted the songs to have a feel and vibe that the listeners would want to hold onto. We wanted retro touches with modern melodies and themes.” 

Each listen uncovers a different flourish and musical nuisance. Whether it be the perfectly blended soulful croons on “All that is Golden,” the upstroke jangle on “Whose Heart is This,” or the bassline that won’t quit walking in “Sugar Sugar,” it’s a catalog of influence, originality, and unbottled energy. 

About The Jaws of Brooklyn

The Jaws of Brooklyn formed when Radio Raheem’s three members (Zia Uddin-Drums, Paul Christofferson-Bass, Bryan Cohen-Guitar) met singer Lindsay Love in Seattle during the height of the COVID pandemic in August 2020. They recorded a series of 60’s flavored Rock n’ Roll and Soul demos in Cohen’s basement, which included background vocal contributions from Black Pumas’ Lauren Cervantes and keyboards from Funky 2 Death’s Melissa Montalto. The demos caught the ear of Alabama Shakes keyboardist Ben Tanner and Fitz and the Tantrums and Lady Blackbird writer/producer Chris Seefried. Their debut album also features contributions from Alabama Shakes/Brittney Howard background vocalists Shanay Johnson and Karita Law


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Praise For The Jaws of Brooklyn

“It’s the more forceful numbers that make the biggest impression. The opening track “Give It a Try” has the thick, chunky sound of 1960s soul pop, all fuzzy guitars and organ, with vocalist Lindsay Love standing in for Dusty Springfield. “Forever and a Day” mixes the effervescence of the Supremes with slices of garage rock guitar. “Sugar Sugar” is light and sweet and “Fever” is smokey and smooth. The perfect songs for a sizzling summer.” - Audio Femme

“The Jaws of Brooklyn, are set to chart a new course.” – American Songwriter

“’an impressive first step forward…” – Billboard

“A soulful sonic canon full of fiery passion…” – Atwood 

“vibrating vocals, the heart-pounding rhythms, and bass that will stir your soul” – American Songwriter

“The Jaws of Brooklyn created one of the most magical works within rock and psychedelic music of recent times.” – Roadie Music

“60s soul with bright bubble gum vibes, this feel good track is an instant mood booster.”  – Loud Women

“With soulful pop elements inspired from the 60s mixed with garage rock, The Jaws of Brooklyn is a must-follow band for 2022 and beyond.” – Loud Women

“The Jaws of Brooklyn’s “Sugar Sugar” sounds like the work of musicians that have tirelessly collected bubblegum and garage rock records for all of their lives. This could be enough, but the Seattle-based group adds a bit of the city’s cool nonchalance. The result is an instantly gratifying single that could have pleased purchasers of 1960s singles, as well indie-rock festival crowds. The secret sauce is all in the sweetness, and honesty behind it. The Jaws of Brooklyn function like great chocolatiers. There’s no pretense that what they’re selling will be good for your health, but everyone involved in the transaction knows that the recipient will be happy with the result.”  -alt77

The Jaws of Brooklyn’s debut album is a must listen from the first note.” - Loud Women