Boone, North Carolina (April 13, 2023)Meris Gantt’s “Forced Revival,” due out June 2, is an EP that tells the story of a journey mired in strength – a tale of perseverance, passion, and a deep connection to the power of music. Gantt explores life’s journeys with longing, regret, and the silver linings that lie in between through a soulful blend of smoky vocals, Bluegrass Americana, healing melodies, and honest and to-the-point songwriting.

The EP title represents life, growing up, and finding one’s way. It also reflects a personal journey for Gantt, who, about five years ago, knew she needed to rewire her belief system in order to move forward through life in a different way. She started addressing some long-engrained addictive patterns and, through a two-year exploration, came out the other side as a non-drinker. Through that process, the course of her life was completely changed. Her exploration to give up drinking alcohol, something that was very ingrained in her being, completely changed the course of her life.

The song “We Got Time” marks the point where she moves forward and says, “It’s ok, we don’t have to have it all figured out right now, but it’s time to move in another direction.” “Don’t Let Me Lie” is a song that Gantt wrote in a stream-of-consciousness kind of way, but later realized it’s really about addiction. It’s a “someone save me from myself” kind of song. The lead single on the EP, “Fine,” holds special meaning as a conversation with her father, who passed away eight years ago. The song reflects Gantt’s ongoing process of coming to terms with her father’s death. Through powerful lyrics, “Fine” conveys a message of reassurance to her father and to herself that it is okay to let go and move on. It is also a poignant reminder that we are all doing the best we can in life. The song evokes a feeling of loneliness that many can relate to, especially in a world that is constantly changing.

As the years have passed, Gantt has become a symbol of the power of music to transform, uplift, and heal. Her songs tell tales of love, loss, and redemption that speak to the universal truths that bind us all together. With “Forced Revival,” Gantt continues to guide her fans down the winding roads of their own lives, sparking a flame of hope, inspiration, and wonder that refuses to die.

“Forced Revival” Track Listing

  1. Don’t Let Me Lie
  2. The Reckoning
  3. We Got Time
  4. Fine
  5. Closer

Tour Dates

Tuesday, July 4th – Handlebar Betty – Grandfather Vineyard – Banner Elk NC

Friday, July 7th – Handlebar Betty – The Jones House Summer Concert Series – Boone NC

Friday, Sept 8 – Handlebar Betty – Bluebear Music Festival