“exquisite, lush . . . audacious aesthetic” – Stereogum


BOSTON (July 17, 2023) – On August 8, Singer Mali is set to release her single, “My Nature,” a thought-provoking song that addresses the pressing issue of climate collapse and delves into questions around human nature and the drive to tamper, meddle, manipulate, master, and conquer the world around us. 

In “My Nature,” Singer Mali anticipates the devastating impact of natural disasters, such as the Canadian wildfires and the subsequent record-breaking temperatures that have now become a harsh reality.  Singer Mali shares, “With ‘My Nature,’ I aim to challenge the prevailing mindset that views progress as the constant interference and manipulation of the natural world. Through this song, I encourage listeners to pause and reflect on how our actions are shaping the world and whether they truly contribute to its betterment.” Singer Mali’s insightful reflection emphasizes the importance of recognizing that events in one corner of the world can have far-reaching effects thousands of miles away, bringing awareness to the fragile balance of our planet.

The musical composition of “My Nature” showcases Singer Mali’s artistic versatility and draws inspiration from renowned musicians. With its haunting string arrangement reminiscent of Philip Glass and the repetitive staccato notes and low vocals reminiscent of Laurie Anderson’s “O, Superman,” the song creates a captivating sonic experience that complements its profound message.

Collaborating with acclaimed musicians, Mali recorded the single with meticulous attention to detail. The piano, drums, and bass were captured live at Brick Hill with engineer and producer Jon Evans, followed by the recording of the string quartet at The Record Company in Boston with Rafi Sofer. The creative process led to the innovative use of marimba mallets on the drums, resulting in a distinctive sound that further enhances the song’s impact.

About Singer Mali

Singer Mali is a singer/songwriter, performer/composer based in Boston, MA. For over a decade, she has been the primary songwriter, lead vocalist, and frontwoman for the avant-chamber pop/art rock band Jaggery. Jaggery has garnered national and international praise for their “exquisite, lush . . . audacious aesthetic” (Stereogum). With Jaggery, Mali has released six albums and two EPs and toured nationally. Other Jaggery accomplishments include selection for Boston’s Outside the Box Festival (2013, 2016) and a commission to create a Leonardo da Vinci-inspired song cycle by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2015). As a solo artist, Mali has toured internationally and composed works for dance (Luminarium Dance), experimental theater (Liars and Believers), and in collaboration with painter Steven Bogart (Ten Paintings, Ten Songs). In 2018, she was a featured speaker for Princeton composition Ph.D. students and served on a panel for a New England branch of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest.

Tour Dates

Fri Sep 22nd – Lodestone album release show, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA

Praise For Singer Mali

“Her debut, ‘Play Pretend,’ is an extraordinary track.” – Glamglare