A Heartfelt Journey from Love to Dystopia: Darrin James’ Latest Single Creates a Sonic Odyssey


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – (August 11, 2023) – Darrin James, the singer-songwriter with a penchant for crafting emotionally charged and melodically captivating tunes, is gearing up for the release of his latest single, “When You’re With Me” on August 22. This harmonious blend in the light-hearted country-tinged love song is balanced by a profound depth that captures the essence of a world grappling with a great sense of loss.

A Love Song with Layers

“At first listen, ‘When You’re With Me’ sweeps you off your feet with its upbeat country-rock vibe,” James remarks. “But underneath the surface, there’s a deeper narrative, a nod to a world that’s seen better days, where the lyrical themes subtly echo the struggles and anxieties we face today.”

The song’s verses, heartfelt and sincere, convey a message of unconditional love and acceptance. “You don’t have to say things you don’t mean when you’re with me,” croons James, inviting listeners to be themselves, finding solace in the presence of a loved one.

Inspired by the iconic strumming style of Johnny Cash, he decided to infuse the track with a 70s country-rock twist, complete with a scintillating electric guitar solo. The result is a musical fusion that leaves a lasting impression.

“The juxtaposition of the upbeat sound and the subtle, thought-provoking lyrics adds a layer of intrigue,” James explains. “It’s an invitation for the audience to ponder the world around them while tapping their toes to the rhythm. As the song unfolds, the outer layer of sweetness reveals a darker interior of sadness and loss.”

“When You’re With Me” delivers a refreshing dose of optimism and nostalgia, perfect for those sunny summer or autumn days when you want to roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and let the music take you on a journey. Whether you’re navigating the open road or seeking a moment of musical escape, this song fits the bill.

Darrin James invites music lovers, old and new, to join him on this sonic journey. 

About Darrin James

Darrin James is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, composer, and producer known for his serious, thought-provoking lyrics, distinctive gravelly voice, soulful musicianship, and eclectic production style. As Darrin James Band, he released three full length albums, which combine the electric and gritty sounds of blues and rock with acoustic, rootsy elements of Americana: Thrones of Gold (2006), The Lovely Ugly Truth (2009) and Strange Storm (2016). In 2014 James started Ravine Records with a  focus on recording, producing, and releasing new musical collaborations. His music has found its way into TV and film, including Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and the 2019 film Peel, starring Emile Hirsch. In 2018 James provided the soundtrack to the documentary film, Meet Me at the Lindell, The Story of America’s First Sports Bar, which premiered at Detroit’s Freep Film Festival and aired on PBS. In 2018, he released the first album of his instrumental jazz-funk project, Disaster Relief. Through the project, he intended to provide an escape from all the negativity and seriousness of the political climate of the time. In 2021, James collaborated with Detroit’s “Queen of the Blues,” Thornetta Davis, writing and producing a two-song release, “How I Feel,” which bridges Disaster Relief’s funk with Thornetta’s bluesy soul swagger and a fair dose of social commentary.  It was nominated for two Detroit Music Awards. In 2021, James released a second Disaster Relief album titled “Back into It.”

Praise For Darrin James

“With wit and smart wordplay,… a raw and expressive voice…the band has a solid organic sound throughout, an impressive credential considering the scope includes everything from gospel and murder ballads to primal rock and country blues. Some stinging guitar, subtle strings, and a great use of the horn section helps grab your attention from track to track. A very nice surprise.”  –  Pop Matters 

“Its literate lyrics and subject matter are a big part of why Thrones of Gold stands as one of the best indie productions of the year so far.” –  BlogCritics

“Darrin James touches on Robbie Robertson’s gruff soulfulness, Tom Waits vaudevillian menace and Paul Westerberg’s ramshackle charm in the bluesy rockers on his debut album, Thrones of Gold. James has a knack for perceptive lyrics and memorable tunes; his crack band supplies the laid-back grooves.” – Time Out NY