Los Angeles band, Leland and the Silver Wells, announce the release of the contemplative single, “Six Feet Underground,” from their forthcoming fifth album, “Riverboat.” The single, slated to debut on January 26, delves into the complexities of life’s purpose and the swift passage of time.

“Six Feet Underground” stands out for its ability to blend melancholic melodies with deep lyrical introspection. The song captures the essence of embracing life’s meaningful moments, encouraging listeners to recognize their true purpose before it slips away. Leland Ettinger, the band’s creative force, shares, “This song is about living life and doing the things you are meant to be doing before you die. It’s a reminder not to overlook the opportunities life offers.”

The lyrics of “Six Feet Underground” are both literal and symbolic, exploring the finite nature of our time on Earth. The chorus, “Don’t wait, too late, don’t miss this time around, don’t wait, too late, when you’re six feet underground,” serves as a poignant reminder of the urgency to live authentically and to embrace every moment.

Ettinger shares a personal connection to the song, stating, “I have spent a lot of my life protecting myself, hanging back behind the garden wall, afraid that the message I have to transmit will not be received.” This vulnerability and honesty infuse the song with genuine emotion amidst its hazy reverie.

Produced by Steve Gregoropoulos, the album features a mix of acoustic and electric elements. The band’s sound, characterized by guitars tuned in alternate ways and the inclusion of a string quartet, creates a textured, flowing ambiance, mimicking the river of life.

Leland and the Silver Wells invite listeners to immerse themselves in this introspective musical voyage, where emotions run deep, and the river of life carries the narrative forward. “Six Feet Underground” offers a glimpse into the band’s soul-searching exploration, setting the tone for the profound musical journey that awaits in “Riverboat.”

About Leland and the Silver Wells

Leland and the Silver Wells is a Los Angeles-based band known for their baroque melodies and production and their poetic lyrics. Beyond music, Ettinger is a painter and photographer, allowing different media to inform and expand each other’s narratives. This synergy between her artistic expressions enriches the band’s creativity, creating a profound tapestry of emotions and visuals, encapsulating the spirit of the 1960s by blending various elements into a sonic experience that captivates listeners and takes them on a transformative journey. The band has been featured in BrooklynVegan and PopDust.

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