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Influences: Edgar Allen Poe, M.C. Escher, The White Stripes

Crow vs Lion



The Heart, The Time, The Pen

Release Date: 10/17/19

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Crow vs. Lion is the music/art project of Dan Gallagher from Bucks County, Pa. The Heart, The Time, The Pen is Crow vs Lion’s second full length album, and was written for Dan’s two sons, Danny & Dylan, who actually make appearances in the music.

Crow vs Lion’s music has evolved considerably since its debut album Rest Your Bones. One constant that remains is the songwriting ethos. In The Heart, The Time, The Pen the writing style is altered from song to song within each section (theme), but also each section’s overall aesthetic carries its own unique sonic ambience into a fluid juxtaposition. There is a cohesive element that binds this whole collection together, and these connections are embedded on several levels. Underlying themes in the songs explore thoughts and observations on nostalgia, family lineage, love, suffering, self discovery, acceptance, beauty, and awakenings. These linchpins delivered purposefully with a certain honesty and openness are often veiled with wordplay, clever phrasings and a consistent use of metaphor. Not necessarily being able to fit into any particular mold, Crow vs Lion’s songs feel more like a cauldron influenced by things lived through.

The album separates the themes of its title into three sections. Each section has four songs relating to The Heart, The Time, The Pen. The last song, the title track, embodies all three themes. So in total 13 songs. Although intentionally constructed to go deeper into the writer’s psyche as the album progresses from beginning to end, this can also be listened to with the sections played in random order, still ending with the title track. The idea is to create a different effect with each configuration. Also, you will hear three transitions, that are placed before the first song of each section that serve as indicators you are entering a new theme (The Heart, The Time, The Pen). The samples within these transitions were thoughtfully selected and contain deeper meanings to the three themes respectively.

The artwork for the album heavily supports the album concept. In it you will find Danny & Dylan’s Guide to the album, 13 veiled correlations with the number 13, pictures that hold meaning to the concept, use of his son’s favorite color…red, and a Listener’s Guide to the album. Along with several other deliberate details.

The Heart, The Time, The Pen is a celebration and examination of a life, and everything beautiful and sorrowful that flows through it. A journey from suffering to acceptance, acceptance to beauty, and beauty to awakening. Reflective in nature, it is a raw and honest message of love and appreciation for existence. A beacon for those who long and try to pull off their masks, who try to be better and evolve, and who understand that nothing really matters, but who know at the same time that everything, all of it, is all that matters.

In July of 2018, Dan asked Raph Cutrufello to work with him on this project. They discussed the vision and then started involving the other artists that they felt could unearth it. They connected with some folks from Cutrufello’s music project Hezekiah Jones; Phil D’Agostino, Kiley Ryan, Brad Hinton and Patrick Hughes and also involved Liam Hare & Pat Lacotta . Gallagher’s cousin, Russell Gallagher, contributed the album disc art, and friend Bob Saia, who designed Crow vs Lion’s first album Rest Your Bones, thoughtfully aligned the vision into the artwork for The Heart, The Time, The Pen. Gallagher’s two sons also appear on the album in different sound clips from home videos. The album was mastered by Jim Salamone. In total, 13 people contributed to the making of this album.

Album release date is October 17th, 2019.

“Rest Your Bones is a masterful album packed with instrumental talent, songwriting prowess and the ability to mesmerize in a way not often found in folk music. Crow Vs Lion has created a true work of art.”

Andrew Fenstermaker, Fensepost

“The music/art project of Dan Gallagher from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, gathers like fallen leaves from a gentle breeze of a thousand evenings, turning and waiting fort that tumbling riot, en masse. ”

Come Here Floyd