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Halley Neal is a folk-pop singer and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2019, Halley was chosen from the graduates to perform a song at Berklee’s Commencement Concert at Agganis Arena. The concert honored the 2019 Berklee honorary doctorates, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake, and Alex Lacamoire, who all attended the show. In her final semester at Berklee, Neal collaborated with artist Plot Twist and her former band Rose & Kennedy to write and release a single called “Lover,” which shortly after gained notable traction on Tik Tok. Since its release in July 2019, the song has gained over 27 million streams and has seen global acclaim with covers and Tik Toks of the song posted by people worldwide. In 2020, Neal became an official Guild Guitars artist and performed a set of original music at the 2021 NAMM Show with Guild. She is also one of the first artists to participate in Guild’s “Factory Sessions” YouTube series, where she performed an original set of songs live in the Guild Guitars factory.


Beautiful & Blue
Release Date: September 30, 2022

Halley Neal announces the release of her folk album, Beautiful & Blue, on September 30.  Neal made the record while grieving the loss of her grandmother to dementia. Dedicated to her Gram, on “Beautiful & Blue” Neal discovers the joyful parts within sorrow.  Read more


Halley Neal’s story couldn’t be told without also telling the story of her grandmother, “Gram,” by her side. 

Neal grew up in a family that encouraged her to push forward, doing the thing that made her happiest. That thing was music. And one of those people was Gram.

The first time Neal performed on stage was in the first grade talent show at her elementary school - and Gram was there. Neal says, “She came to every single talent show after that. Every musical, every performance. Everything!” While Neal attended elementary school, Gram encouraged her parents to enroll her in music lessons. At the beginning of high school, when Neal started to gig, Gram took it upon herself to buy a full-fledged sound system that would be used for all her bar gigs and shows beyond bar gigs. Neal used that system through college and only recently traded it in for an upgrade.

When Neal expressed interest in applying to Berklee College of Music, Gram encouraged her to go for it and supported her along the way. Neal says, “I didn’t know this until later, but she also had set aside some money to contribute to the cost of my college education. She just wanted to see me succeed in something I was passionate about, and she didn’t worry if my passion would or wouldn’t provide me with a traditional lifestyle.” 

Neal says, “She was open and adaptive and excited for me for wanting to pursue something that she probably didn’t fully understand but was willing to get to know.” And she did. She attended every show, whether a three-hour solo show, two scenes of a community theater musical ensemble, or a show at a bar. The last time Gram saw her granddaughter play was at Berklee’s commencement concert at Agganis Arena in Boston. Neal says, “I was chosen to participate in this large final send-off concert and sang a beautiful song backed by an extraordinary band in one of the most luscious and largest venues I’d ever performed in.” And Gram was there for it, smiling and cheering her on from the front row. 

Neal moved to Nashville shortly after the concert and didn’t play much in the New England area in the next few years.  Gram began to decline due to dementia during this time, so this would be the last show she’d attend.

Neal’s upcoming album, “Beautiful and Blue,” honors Gram’s inspiring positivity and encouragement. As Neal grows and understands Gram's struggles, she now sees the importance of prioritizing happiness and positivity in her life. Neal says, “I think her encouraging me to be happy and pursue my dream, in turn, brought her joy. And it was joy that I think she chose to feel. Because I sometimes think when folks live in a life full of pain and hardship, they can choose to wade around in that pain, or they can choose to find joy.” This is the essence of Halley Neal and “Beautiful & Blue” - knowing that there is a lot of pain in life but choosing to seek out and find the joy, or at the very least, the lesson.

“Drawing on the influence of giants like The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac.”

Gerard Longo, Underground Music Collective


Aug 12 - Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriters Showcase - Lyons, CO

Aug 13 - Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Wildflower Pavilion Stage - Lyons, CO

Sept 8 - Private House Concert - Palm Harbor, FL

Sept 9 - Coastal Lifestyle House Concert - Dunedin, FL

Sept 11 - Coconut Cabana House Concert - St. James City, FL

Sept 20 - Music My Mother Would Not Like - Virtual Show

Sept 30 - The Buttonwood Tree - Middletown, CT (album release show)

Oct 1 - Acousticool House Concert - Bristol, CT

Oct 2 - The Big E | E Stage - Springfield, MA

Oct 8 - Wolf Howl House Concert - St. Petersburg, FL

Oct 9 - Concerts at Our Home House Concert - Largo, FL

Oct 28 - Big View House Concerts - Westcliffe, CO

Oct 30 - Pat's Place House Concert - Hot Springs, SD